Friday, 6 September 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 6 SEPTEMBER edition

Greetings all and how are we in September? What are you celebrating this fine week?

Celebrate The Small Things is simple: sign up on the linky, find something to celebrate, and hop around and celebrate with others.

It is September, and the children return to school and people return from summer holiday. So what are you celebrating?

I'm celebrating that I haven't taken my week off yet, so in a month or so when everybody's forgotten their holiday I'll still have mine!

I had a fun day with my nieces, as I said last week - ahh I do love the cries of 'Auntie Vikki.' :)

I am working this weekend, so I'll hop and visit people on Monday  ;)

What are you celebrating?

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  1. Glad you had fun with your nieces and I bet you'll pick the perfect time to use that one week holiday.

  2. Nieces and nephews are wonderful! I got the best compliment ever from my nephew once. My niece (the older one) was about 4 years old and was meeting me for the first time. I came into my parents' house, started toward the living room, and heard Rick (nephew) whispering to Tracey (niece) "That's Aunt Diana - she's really Cool!!!" How can you beat that?

    And how nice to have a saved-up week to take when you wish! cheers!
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  3. And you'll really be able to enjoy your week off because everyone else will be working!

  4. You still have a holiday to look forward to, that's worth a little celebration. Glad you enjoyed time with your nieces.

  5. I've got another holiday coming up in a couple of weeks, but after that I won't get any time off until around April, since I've used up all of my holiday hours...oops!

  6. I still a week and a say of vacation left and I'm super excited about it. But I have no idea when I will use. Maybe I will surprise myself. Glad you enjoyed your nieces.

  7. Genius! That will be one awesome and relaxing holiday :D

  8. I love spending time with my nieces too. They're adults now but I still think of them as kids sometimes. :)

    Hope you don't have to work too hard this weekend!

  9. So glad you had fun with your little nieces. And you'll have a vacation to look forward to as well.
    Hope the weekend isn't too hectic for you.

  10. Oh no then... that sounds fine-o-fine! Enjoy! X

    Shah X

  11. Aw, it sounds like you had a great time with your nieces!

  12. Sounds like some great things to celebrate-nieces are the best!

  13. Glad you got to spend time with your nieces. Enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming vacation! :)

  14. Seems like you definitely had some great things to celebrate... :)
    Have a fantastic weekend and a great week ahead.

  15. I don't have school-age children, so term-time doesn't mean much to me. However, there is still something about September that makes it feel more like a new year than January does. Perhaps it's because there is such a definite turn in the seasons, while in January we are in the middle of winter.

  16. I'm glad you had fun with your nieces. There is nothing like being with people who adore you.

  17. Glad you have a great vacation week to look forward to.

    As you know, vacations are 'holy' in Europe. All the years I have worked in the States, I always insisted on three weeks starting with year one...and you know what? I usually got them. The CEO would shrug his shoulders to the vexed personnel director and sigh: "Oh well, she's European." On the other hand, they had me work a lot of overtime (uncompensated, of course).

    So, hurray to dream vacations--and exotic vacation spots, all of which, alas, I have left behind; now, I only travel in my books.

  18. I've just got to tell you how grateful I am for your brilliant "Celebrate The Small Things" idea. Through a comment from one of your subscribers, Kate Larkindale, on my last blog a whole month ago, I managed to squeeze out a "Celebrate" blog on Friday!

  19. Sheena-kay Graham - I look forward to using my week's hols!

    Diana Wilder - you cannot beat being the cool auntie! Go you!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - indeed :)

    Suzanne Furness - hols to look forward to are worth a cheer i think :)

    Laura - ah make the most of your next days off to last you through!

    Dani - yes surprise yourself :)

    S.K. Anthony - :) I hope so!

    Julie Flanders - work was okay thanks ;)

    Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - weekend was good thanks!

    Shah Wharton thank you!

    Nicole - I do enjoy niece time!

    Melanie Schulz - they are!

    Lara Lacombe - the anticipation is some of the fun!

    Bames Pabla - thank you!

    Julia -yes there is a definite turn in the weather you are right.

    Nana Prah - absolutely.

    Inge H. Borg - She's European! Heh, good for you for getting the holiday though!

    Rossandra White - thank you so much for sharing that with me, hurrah to squeezing out a blog ;)

  20. I also have not yet taken my vacation this year so in a couple of weeks I'll be celebrating that, too!
    BTW, I'm hosting Yolanda Renee over my blog today so if you get a chance to stop by you could win a free copy of her e-book!

  21. Lucky you, a holiday to look forward to.

    By the way, I like your post on the insecure writers blog, will like to read some more of your writing.
    Do you have any of your work online?

  22. Beverly - I've had a look, great post ;)

    Ayibu - thank you so much! I don't have my writing online, but my blog has a few posts if you want to explore. But thank you for the lovely comment! :)

  23. It is great to hear your name being called in such an "ownership" type of way. I love hearing "my auntie". :) I'm sure you'll look forward to using your week vacation when the time comes. Writer’s Mark


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