Thursday, 3 October 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - 4 Oct

Greetings all and it's Celebrate the Small Things time! 

Celebrate The Small Things is really quite simple. Post what you are celebrating this week, however small, sign up on the linky (you need only do this once -  not every week), and hop and celebrate with others!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words to my post last week, and apologies again I wasn't able to hop around. I'm also aiming to do a list tidy in the next week or so, so apologies if there are a few links which need to come off.

I'm celebrating...

  • Going to the 100th birthday and seeing the card from the Queen! My boyfriend's Grandpa had a successful 100th birthday. How amazing to reach such an age.
  • Having a nice break away from work and clearing away cobwebs.
  • My mum unexpectedly being in London and being able to briefly see her.
  • Orphan Black. Am SO enjoying that show (am on ep 3 over here).
  • SNACKS. What's the day like without them?

What are you celebrating this week? What's your TOP SNACK?

Here's the sign up linky:


  1. I'm about to go in and tidy the IWSG link, so I know the feeling.
    Hot Tamales rule!

  2. 100 years is impressive. And yay for the rest; you've had a super week!

  3. Morning smile - living to 100! That's splendid!

    And well done to nearly a year of small celebrations! I haven't been on every one, but it's a bright spot in a happy time (I love Fridays!) and brilliant of you to think of it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  4. Does popcorn or cashew nuts count as snacks?
    Living to 100 is an extra special blessing...
    Today I'm celebrating acceptance AND rejection!

  5. Happy Happy 100th Birthday to your Grandad :)

  6. Breaks from work are lovely, I just had one and I'm nice and refreshed :)

  7. Beautiful celebrations! Congrats to your bf's grandma. How fun! Enjoy your break and snacks. :) Writer’s Mark

  8. Oooh snacks sounds good and... sorry got distracted. Happy 100th Birthday to your BF's grandpa, that is awesome ;)

    Yay for a break, not the cobwebs, and for seeing your mom. Enjoy your weekend :D

  9. Great things to celebrate!
    Happy birthday to your boyfriend's Grandpa!

  10. Wow! Reaching 100 is definitely something to celebrate, even if it isn't your own centenary.

  11. Alex J. Cavanaugh - I don't envy you the IWSG tidying!

    Suzanne Furness - thank you!

    T. Drecker - thank you!

    Diana Wilder - thank you SO much for joining in!

    Michelle Wallace - definitely count as snacks!

    Bames Pabla - thank you!

    Laura - they are!

    Nancy LaRonda Johnson - thank you!

    S.K. Anthony - love snacks!

    Jackie - thank you!

    Kate Larkindale - 100 is good going!

  12. What a nice week--100 years is definitely something to celebrate! Glad you got to see your mom as well :)

  13. I love snacks, especially popcorn. 100 years is something that deserves a celebration - that is awesome. Glad you are able to see your mom as well.

  14. Wow! 100 years- I can't even imagine. Happy b-day to your man's grandpa!
    And yay for vacations from work! I wish there more of them.

  15. Here's to the queen, your mum and, especially those snacks!

  16. Living to see 100... such a blessing!

  17. Lara - yes it was good to see mum!
    Livia - 100 is an achievement!
    Beverly - I can't either!
    Clee - :) I'll toast to that!
    Miss Tutti - Blessed indeed.

  18. Not sure what you did to get people posting their celebrations again,Vik, but good job. I went to a lot of blogs on the list today and many actually had a celebrate post. That alone is something to celebrate.


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