Friday, 28 November 2014

Celebrate The Small Things - 28th November

We're so nearly in December everyone! In the meantime November hangs in there by the skin of its teeth as we celebrate the Small Things. Hope everyone is well and welcome to the weekly celebrations where we celebrate everything, no matter how small.

I hope my American friends have had a good Thanksgiving.

I am hosting this with my awesome co-hosts: 

Diana Wilder
LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge
Katie @ TheCyborg Mom
CaffeMaggieato @ mscoffeehouse

So I am celebrating:

  • A night out with my mate and THAI dinner
  • A spa day this weekend

How about you?

Here's the usual linky for the celebration posts...


  1. I'm jealous, I could use a spa day right about now!!! Have a good one.

  2. Yum, I haven't gone for Thai in ages. :)

  3. I am so jealous of your spa day! I hope you enjoy yourself and get to relax a bit!

  4. Would love a spa day - lucky you!!

  5. Oh, a spa day sounds lovely! Hope you enjoy it., =)

  6. I've never quite got the hang of spa days. Part of the problem is the glasses/contact lens dillemma: can go in a sauna with lenses in/too vain to wear glasses!

  7. Its always good to celebrate the things that put a smile on your face. Enjoy the spa day!

  8. Thai sounds wonderful right now! My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Yay for great food with a great friend! A spa day? I'm jealous! All I have planned this weekend is cooking and cleaning. :P

  10. I've had a lot of fun but must stop now. Please remove my name from the blog hop! Thank you so very much for the experience.

  11. Thanks everyone and I had a fab spa day! :)

    Dixie - I have removed you! That's for joining in.


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