Friday 20 December 2013

Celebrate The Small Things: 20 December Edition

Welcome to CELEBRATE THE SMALL THINGS. Here we are at 20 December! In Celebrate The Small Things we celebrate the small pleasures and excitements and kindnesses of the week. There's a linky to sign up on.

A few things:

  • Next week, will be the end of the year and we will have been celebrating for a whole year. Can you believe it? I am therefore going to suggest that NEXT WEEK we celebrate the WHOLE YEAR. What have been the small things that have stuck out for you in the year? Though by all means celebrate the week, it's just a thought.
  • It is lovely if people can hop around and visit others but I wouldn't want the thought of having to visit the WHOLE LIST to put people off signing up. If you sign up and can visit say 10 or 15 on the list who are near you on the list, well, that's fine.
  • This week, apologies, I likely WON'T make it around everybody's blogs to celebrate with you due to the holidays. Next week I'll likely be late in my visiting but I will try and make it round the end of year round up then.
  • I'll do a list tidy up at some point over the holidays.

My celebrations this week then:

1. It is nearly Christmas. At the moment I am mainly thinking that this means TIME OFF and a break but I am sure I'll soon be excited about the holiday itself.
2. Fully recovered from food poisoning, yay!
3. Time off work! I don't know about America but most people here take days off over Christmas and travel and see family and it's a proper wee break. I have 10 days off or something like that, and I am looking forward to it.
4. CHOCOLATE. There's lots of it about this time of year.

How about you? Happy Holidays to you!

Here's the linky:

Friday 13 December 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - 13 December

Greetings and Celebrations ;) It is Celebrate The Small Things time!

The rules are simple: Sign up on the linky, Celebrate in your blog, hop around and celebrate with others. The celebrations can be as small or as big as you like.

I love to hear what everybody is cheerful about this week. I do hope everybody else does too!

Well this week I am celebrating:

Christmas meet ups and dinners with various friends.

I am NOT celebrating that I somehow got food poisoning and am feeling rather rough, but what can you do. Here's to a speedy recovery and then more Christmas Food Fun.

Here's the linky...

Friday 6 December 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - 6 Dec

I am very disappointed that I missed "Insecure Writers Support Group" this week. My work has been so crazy busy - roll on Christmas break!

I am squeezing in a Small Celebration however as we Celebrate The Small Things ;) The rules are simple: Celebrate, sign up on the linky, Celebrate with others! :)

This week I am celebrating:

  • The start of Christmas meet ups with friends
  • Critique partners who swing into action when you need help/advice
  • That it isn't many weeks until I get some days off over christmas

Also, we are nearing ONE YEAR of CELEBRATE THE SMALL THINGS. I will be extending the linky for another year, if people are up for carrying on? However over my Christmas break I am going to absolutely prune it, so if people haven't joined in recently I'll be cutting it way back.

Here's the linky: