Friday 1 March 2013

Celebrate Small & BlogHop of Joy


This week's "Celebrate the Small Things" coincides with the BlogHop of Joy hosted by Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore. The aim of their bloghop is to list five things which put a spring in your step. I encourage you to visit here to learn all about and hop around the great blogs taking part!

Therefore for Celebrate the Small Things this week I am going to celebrate five things which put a spring in my step - I enjoyed all of them this week!
Celebrate the Small Things is my weekly celebration of the small excitements and moments of the week worth celebrating. It can be that your child ate some greens, that you finally took that rubbish to the dump, or that you finished a chapter of writing which was difficult. Anything! More info on that here but in short you post your weekly celebration, hop around others blogs and celebrate!

Linky list at the end but in the meantime, my five:

1. Hot Chocolate on a freezing cold day, warming up my fingers
2. My fish swimming to the front of the tank when I walk in the house
3. The squirrel in my garden darting along hunting for nuts, and especially when the squirrel has found a big piece of food
4. My new warm wintry socks
5. The first day of a new month.

Here's the #celebratesmall linky, and please do use that hashtag either to link your post or just to celebrate whatever takes your fancy!


  1. Oh these are all wonderful things! Makes me feel warm a toasty thinking about those socks!

  2. Your fish really swim to the front of the tank to see you?? I love that! Great list, just off to do mine :)

  3. Life's simple pleasures! Can't beat them!
    The first day of a new month means new beginnings... new possibilities...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Great list, Vikki! Hope this month is filled with many blessings for you!

  5. Squirrels also give me a buzz of joy. :-)

  6. Hey Vikki- I love turning over my calendar, and seeing the new month's picture. March is full of green and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. Plus, it's full of birthdays in my family.

  7. Your fish must miss you when you're gone!

  8. I love #1. Hot chocolate is great on a cold day.

  9. Vikki, I can hear you bouncing from here! I was standing at my sink this morning watching through the windows at the mums taking their children to school, when I noticed a little tot in a pushchair suddenly get very excited, with the BIGGEST grin on his face and his little hands stretched out in front of him. Coming towards him was a man with two Scotty dogs. He stopped and let the youngster stroke them. Now, THAT'S joy.

  10. Just dropping by from the Blog Hop of Joy. I look forward to the beginning of the month because it's payday though I'm sure you look forward to it for other reasons?

  11. Hmmm hot chocolate and warm wintry socks :)

  12. Oh hot chocolate! i think I'm going to make myself a nice cup and continue surfing the net.

    Have a beautiful spring!

  13. Fuzzy warm socks are the best :)

  14. My fish used to do that too. I thought I had trained them, but I realized they were looking for food :/ Hot chocolate sounds good, but the high in So.Cal is 82, the sales tax is 9% and gas is $4.50 a gallon (just thought I'd throw in the high price of living here).

  15. Great way to combine two hops! I think it's super cool that your fish swim to the front of the tank when you get home!

    Thanks for being part of the bloghop!

  16. Dani - ooh I like a toasty sock!! :)

    Jaxbee - they DO! I suspect because they know 'blurry figures outside tank=FOOD' but they still do it ;)

    michelle - simple pleasures are there to enjoy ;)

    Jackie - thank you, and to you!

    Misha - squirrels are CUTENESS! :)

    jaybird - March is a good birthday month!! :)

    Alex - my fish know the blurry person outside tank's return means food ;)

    ~Charity~- love hot choc in cold weather!

    Julia - yay to bouncy. and AW to the tot petting a dog and bless that man! :) that's a lovely story

    The Capillary - payday is good!

    S.K. - warm socks are so GOOD

    Adriana - have a nice cup of hot choc!!

    Alexandra - aren't they!

    Scribbles From Jenn - heh yes I suspect mine just want food ;) Goodness me to the high price of living!!

    Kyra - thank you for running the hop!

  17. Your post makes me think I should pay more attention to the everyday things that I enjoy. Glad you're finding ways to stay warm! :)

  18. Let's hear it for the first day of a new month!

  19. Mmm, hot chocolate! Yes! ;)

  20. Warm socks and hot chocolate, bliss!

  21. Nice list and all good things to celebrate! I'm looking forward to going home this evening and drinking a cup of hot chocolate with warm socks on my feet. :)

  22. aww, the joys of being single. chocolate, warmth & the promise of spring! yay!

  23. I love the things you mentioned, especially the last one. It's lovely to start a new month with all the hope and optimism that brings. Thanks for your wonderful idea to "Celebrate the Small Things." I enjoy posting for it every week. :-)

  24. Hot cocoa... Mmmm.... (I loved the mental image of the fish coming to the front of their tank when you came into the room. I forgot...mine did that, too, when I had a fish tank before I moved.)

  25. The scene is painted and I'm there! Just picture me cuddled in a blanket with book in front of the fireplace. You do have a fireplace don't you? :)

  26. There's something very special about wintery socks! So glad you mentioned them here. I'm totally engaged in this Small Things Hop. It must be an annual event.

  27. Warm socks are really awesome! So snugly for your feet! Great list!

  28. There is something so beautiful about your "fish swimming to the front of the tank when I walk in the house." A connection between species maybe? Being needed? I just loved it!

  29. Your fish are so cute!!! Haha I've never had fish before but if they swam to the front of the tank when I walked in, that would be AWESOME. Also, love the socks. I can never seem to be warm enough so toasty new winter socks would be lovely.

  30. I'm with you 100% on fuzzy winter socks! I've been living in mine, and they put a smile on my face after a day at work. Ahhh, warm, cozy feet... plus hot chocolate... sounds like paradise!

  31. Ooh hot chocolate and socks, they're good ones! I have a thing for socks, I actually like getting them as presents! :)

  32. A great list--thanks for sharing! :)

  33. how cute that you're fish swim to the front of the tank! mommy's home, mommy's home!! :D

  34. I need some warm socks right feet are cold and I am too lazy to go find a pair!

  35. Jen - am trying! Looking forward to when it finally warms up.

    Kim - yay March!

    Nicole - love a hot choc!

    Suzanne - certainly they've warmed me up this week!

    Julie- hee hope you enjoyed your choc and socks!

    Tara - the promise of spring is good! Nice that the hot choc is usually made by my lovely boyf too ;)

    Lexa - thank you for joining in!

    Diana- I enjoy seeing the fish come say hello! Even if they do only want food ;)

    Nancy - I WISH I had a fireplace! That would be perfect.

    C. Lee - glad you enjoyed my list! I enjoyed the BlogHop of Joy too and celebrating the small things as we do here regularly ;)

    Krista - I do like my socks! :)

    Juliet - aw thank you, I like seeing them come say hello!

    J.A. - it's cute seeing my fish go swim about!

    Nickie- it's important to stay cozy in this cold weather!

    Laura - warm wintry socks are good pressies! ;)

    Lara - thanks for commenting!

    Tammy - hee, they come say hello!

    Elizabeth - hope you found some socks!

  36. Thanks for taking part in the bloghop; great list. I get hours of enjoyment from watching squirrels play. :D

  37. Clare - thanks for running it!


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