Friday, 10 January 2014

Celebrate The Small Things: 10 Jan edition

Here we are, the first full week back at work for 2014 and already CELEBRATING! Hasn't it flown by?

Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly hop where we celebrate the small things in life: the finished chapter, the completed report at work, a warm cup of tea on a cold day...the rules are simple, and more info can be found here.

My celebrations this week are:

The first full week of work is (almost) done - hurrah. Let's not count how many more to go this year...
Leftover Christmas chocolates were brought into the office, and I had a good time eating up all the big maltesers (the snickers were oddly unpopular).
My godson's first birthday party this weekend!

What are you celebrating?

Here's the linky list:


  1. I would've eaten the Snickers.
    Hope your grandson's first party is a hit.

  2. I also would have gone for the Snickers LOL.
    First birthday parties are so cute. Hope you all have fun. :)

  3. Any time Maltesers are eaten is a good time to celebrate!

  4. Quite like Snickers myself but I've eaten way too much choc recently so good job I wasn't there! Enjoy your godson's birthday party.

  5. ooooh leftover Christmas chocolate…now I want! lol

    Happy first birthday to your godson, hope you all have a blast ;)

  6. I need to work in your office for leftover chocolate day. Those Snickers would have been gone. Enjoy the party.

  7. The leftover Christmas chocolates don't last long in our office! Happy Friday!

  8. I love little kids' first birthday parties. They're always so much fun.

    And I'm surprised the Snickers were unpopular. It wouldn't happen where I work.

  9. First birthdays are wonderful celebrations! And yes, chocolates go pretty quickly around my workplace, too...

  10. Snickers wouldn't survive long on my desk!

  11. Happy birthday to your grandson. You can send some of the left of snickers his way, or my way :) I was a bit late getting here this week, sorry.

  12. happy bday to your godson ...they are extra cute when they are little like that :) And PS, I love Snickers

  13. Alex J. Cavanaugh - Godson's party was fun, thank you!

    Julie Flanders - it was fun, thank you!

    Kyra Lennon - I LOVE Maltesers! :)

    Suzanne Furness - I am glad the chocolate is now finished!

    S.K. Anthony - we had fun, thanks!

    Nana Prah - hee, the snickers are gone now!

    Heather Musk - leftover Christmas Chocs are good!

    M.J. Fifield - it was fun, thanks! :)

    Mere Joyce - disappearing chocolate is a common theme!

    Sharon Himsl - hee!

    Rhonda Albom - thanks, godson had a good time i think!

    J.A. Ward - he is cute!

  14. The first week back at work is always a drag. But be thankful for the chocolate! I'm lucky I don't get that back-to-work depression because I never stop working over the holidays. it's the busiest time for us in the cinema business....

  15. I'm surprised the Snickers weren't more popular--at my work, they would have been the first to go! :)

  16. Gaaaah... I've thrown away most of the leftover Christmas treats... but there are still some I need to get rid of. Too dangerous! :)

  17. I did a blogpost on Friday but - er - forgot it was actually Friday, so didn't flag it as a CTST contribution! In retrospect, may I say I was celebrating the publication of my friend and colleague David Jinks' e-book: The Dodo Tree. Will try harder this week!

  18. Kate - I enjoyed the choccy :)
    Lara - heh, it was random that the Snickers got left!
    Morgan - get rid of by eating?
    Julia - oh congrats to your friend!! :)
    Nicole - YUM to chocolate!!

  19. Glad you're celebrating tea with your friend. It's always fun to get together, chat and relax with friends. And its fun to celebrate weekends, too. Happy weekend, VikLit.


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