Wednesday, 8 January 2014

IWSG: 8 January: New Starts

Time for Insecure Writers Support Group  - the first for 2014!

Like a lot of people, I have been making resolutions and planning new starts for 2014. I will eat healthier, I will keep going to the gym, etc. 

I know myself well enough to know that some of these will fail. I know there are some resolutions there is no point making. There's no point saying that I'll stop being insecure about my writing, or worrying about its quality. I worry and angst because I care about it. It's not something I can switch off.

I can control how I react to it though. If I'm in a writing funk, I'll work harder. I'll try and turn those negatives into a positive this year.

Anyone with me? And anybody got any 'positive thinking' tips? :)

Happy 2014 - Happy New Starts everyone.


  1. You can control it - that's the main thing you need to remember.

  2. Turning negatives into positives is a great idea. Every cloud has a silver lining, after all :)

  3. The insecurity doesn't stop, but your attitude can make all the difference. Good luck! :)

  4. My post is on positivity this month too! I'm sure staying positive helps banish some of the insecurities or at least make them easier to cope with. Happy writing!

  5. I think the only way we get better at writers is to think everything we write can be better. Good luck with your 2014 goals.

  6. Good luck with all these goals!

  7. Sounds like you have a great attitude! I hope you meet your goals! :)

  8. I think being insecure and worrying about our writing is all part and parcel of the whole gig. If you can deal with it positively though you're surely on to a winner.

    Good luck with 2014!

  9. you have a healthy attitude in mind, body, and spirit! your positivity makes me more positive! and just writing about it and visiting others and reading comments gives me more positive energy! things happen when they are supposed to... the waiting and not knowing is the tough part!! looking forward to good news from you!

  10. Definitely a great way to think about your's true that we can't stop some of the worry, but it is a great idea to turn whichever negatives we can into something more positive!

  11. My biggest tip is to just let go - things will happen as they are meant to anyway. We can only do what we can do, putting our best foot forward and hoping we are well received when we do. At the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and be able to sleep at night. No one else can do that for you. Be true to yourself and hold your head high. I'm not into conflict or confrontation. I just want to do right by myself and others.

  12. Thank you for your positive attitude today, it helps. A healthy mind and body is a good thing.

  13. Sorry I'm late on this, I'm still playing catch up with IWSG posts.

    I like your viewpoint on it, we do care so of course we will worry and be insecure. At the same time that insecurity will drive us to hopefully get our work done the best way possible. Let's keep on caring ;)

  14. Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you, good advice.

    Laura - yes, good to try and keep it mind!

    Emma Adams - mindset is so key isn't it.

    Suzanne Furness - perhaps the new year brings positive thoughts!

    Susan Gourley/Kelley- thank you!

    Nicole - thanks, I'll need it!

    Lara Lacombe - I am trying, but it's difficult!

    Heather Musk - thank you, you too!

    Tara Tyler - trying to remain positive! :)

    Mere Joyce - it is good to try to isn't it? Something we need to continually remind ourselves of.

    M. J. Joachim - letting go is a GREAT way of putting it, thank you! That's so try. Sometimes: what will be, will be.

    Cathrina Constantine - thank YOU for commenting.

    S.K. Anthony - exactly, let's keep caring!

  15. I think you have the right (write) idea here. You know yourself and what you will likely do. It's a good idea to focus on getting through those rough times with just pushing through it. That's my plan too. Good luck!
    Leanne ( )

  16. Readfaced - thank you for commenting! We'll do our best! :)


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