Monday 17 September 2012

writemotivation & Guilty Pleasures BlogFest

I am no further ahead with my #writemotivation goals (sadface, not going well this month) and I missed any GUTGAA windows!

So not much to report there. If you are in GUTGAA let me know. Hook me up with your entry so I can admire it ;)

But onto cheery topics, today is the: Genre Favorites Blogfest run by the awesome Alex Cavanaugh.

You pick your fave genre of Movie, Music, Books and a Guilty Pleasure. So here goes!

Movie: Spy movies.

Think Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, Bond. I love all the intrigue and chasing about. Especially if people wear daft outfits and break into places in an impossible manner. Which brings me onto another genre I love: the heist movie. Oceans Eleven! Who can beat a good heist movie? No one. Spy probably just wins out but they are very closely intertwined I find.

I don’t want you to think I like spying on people and breaking into places. I just like watching it in the movies, honest.

Music: Singalong Indie Rock. Think the Killers, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs. Perhaps I just like artists beginning with K as I do like Kylie too. (Though I’m not really a fan of Kanye West or Katie Melua so it falls down there. Back to Indie Rock.) Yes the more jangly guitars and singalong the tune the better. The Killers ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ is the perfect example of this.

Books: Dystopian. I love a good dystopian. I am truly sorry if this genre is on the wane and they won’t publish so many because I have really enjoyed the flood of these in the market. More broadly: I like Sci Fi in general so time travelling parallel world doppelgangers come on down!

And a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories: this would be Keanu Reeves Movies. Yes it deserves to be a genre. I don’t just love the good ones like the Matrix, Speed or Bill&Ted. I will happily spend good money even on the rubbish ones like the Lake House and that one with the aliens. (The Matrix sequels upset me a bit, because the first one was so good, but I still went to see them. Even The Matrix 3 when I knew it would be bad). The same goes for early Christian Slater movies btw, I haven’t just seen Heathers and Pump Up the Volume. Or even Gleaming the Cube, but also the likes of The Wizard. *ah happy sigh*

What are your genre faves? And go the contests and monthly goals?


  1. Oooh, Spy Movies. Does that include knock-offs, like the Pink Panther or Johnny English? I love those kinds of Spy Movies.

  2. Heh, Bill & Ted - I loved those movies when I was younger! I really like your music choices too!

  3. james bond, which is your favorite? i always loved the killers...

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  4. The Ocean movies were awesome. And funny how Reeves is now a guilty pleasure.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  5. Bill & Ted? LOL! Too classic! Fun list. :)

  6. i really enjoyed the newest mission impossible, especially that scene when he's climbing that building in Dubai! So crazy and exciting. I made it into the GUTGAA- entry 41.

  7. Spy movies. Nice choice. I haven't seen anyone else say that one yet. I love your guilty pleasure is Keanu movies! Bill & Ted is classic. Did you know they're making a new one?!

  8. Spy movies, completely forgot those. Bond, yeah!
    Bill & Ted, good, but a new one or a remake. New one okay, remake -- how could you! I hate remakes. Except the last Kong, that one with Brody was sort of cool.
    Congrat's #41!

  9. Spy movies are cool. Good choice!

  10. Spy movies are the best! My favorite actress has to be Angelina Jolie because she is really good with these type of movies.

  11. I enjoy romance films and books, pop music and action films as a guilty pleasure. Interesting list!

  12. I like spy fiction as well. I read it much more often than I watch it, but it's quite enjoyable. :)

  13. I too enjoy the Bourne Identity movies. I also like Heathers. I even devoted a post to that movie during the A to Z challenge in the spring.

  14. Spy movies are great! I love the Bourne movies. :) Great choices!

  15. Keanu Reeves and Christian Slater - yeah! I love Speed.

  16. Ah, I love a good spy movie, too! Bourne and Mission Impossible and Bond... all great picks!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  17. Lol! I'll believe you that you don't really spy on people. :)
    My husband (kinda' sorta) met Christian Slater. It's one of his favorite stories to tell. :)

  18. ahhhh a good spy movie, that always pulls me in. I also love the old BBC spy series, mostly the Smiley series (tinker, taylor, soldier, spy) because they are so fantastically crafted! Hear ya on the Keanu Reeves addiction, suffer from it too :)

  19. love the chase! love how they try to make new chase scenes in movies =)
    and yeah, killers! & keanu! great choices!

  20. I never made it into GUTGAA either. I was sooooo disappointed.

    Bourne Identity and the sequels are my FAVORITE series of all. I was hooked after the first one.

    Let me know when you are ready to CP. I hope things are going well with you?

  21. PS: I awarded you the Daisy Award! :)

  22. I know dystopian is your favorite book genre, but did you see the pilot for Revolution? It has potential! :)

  23. I love all of your choices...spy movies, dystopian, The Killers.

    I just got three fabulous books in the mail this week! I'm very excited to read them! It's been a while since I've sat down with a good book!! Thank you so much for sending them my way! Happy Wednesday!

  24. HI, VIk,

    Dropped in from the blogfest. So great to meet you.

    Spy movies are so cool, especially on a stormy day.

    Don't worry about Dystopian, I think it will be around for a LONG time.

    Great music choices... always fun to "sing along..."

    New follower here.

  25. I love the Killers! I'll be singing that song the rest of the day now.

    I didn't take part in this blogfest but it's been fun to read the entries. :) Great choices!

  26. I love the Bourne movies and have watched them several times.

    Great favorites!

  27. Emily - yes it includes ALL KINDS of spy movies ;)

    Kyra - Love Bill&Ted! Ahh must rewatch.

    Jeremy - Casino Royale probably. I think Daniel Craig does an awesome job.

    Alex - thank you for running it!

    Morgan - thank you!

    Prerna - Mission Imp was awesome! Congrats on getting into GUTGAA

    Christine - NO!! A NEW BILL&TED YOU ARE KIDDING ME? Must find out more! Thank you for letting me know.

    Yolanda - can't beat Bond!

    Sherry - thank you

    Gina - ah yes Angelina is great!

    Livia - good choices!

    Golden Eagle - spy fic a good choice too!

    Thank you everyone for commenting.

  28. Cynthia - Heathers is awesome, how cool you did a whole post on it!

    Krista - thank you!

    Nicole - can't beat Keanu and CS! :)

    Allison - thank you ;)

    Rachel - I must hear this story please!

    Sylvia - glad I have another Keanu sufferer around ;)

    Tara- thank you!

    Ink - Bourne are awesome, all of 'em. And will do! How are you?

    Livia - oh thank you! That is kind!

    Carrie - oh gosh I am in UK so I haven't but Revolution sounds awesome!

    Kimberly - glad they arrived ok!

    Michael - thank you for following and commenting!

    Julie - me too 'got soul but I'm not a soldier' etc!

    Sabrina - thank you!

    Thank you for everyone for commenting this blog fest was lots of fun!

  29. Hello, Viklit! *waves* It's good to meet you. I apologize for it taking so long for me to get here. I knew going in that it would take the entire week to get through the list; however, I aim to do my best to do so. Did I see a James Bond mention in here? I can't wait. I'm a huge Bond fan. Love the Ocean's Eleven films, too. What cracks me up is how my 14 & 18 year old sons will stumble upon the films on cable and end up watching them all over again! They must be good, right?
    You take care of yourself and thanks for sharing.


  30. I love Keanu Reeves movies, too! Can't help it. Christian Slater, as well. Nice guilty pleasure!

    My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures

  31. James - thank you for posting. I love Bond too! I can't wait for Skyfall ;)

    Shannon - Keanu is an addiction ;)

    Thank you both for commenting!


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