Wednesday 4 September 2013

IWSG: September

It is September, and time for the Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Today is the 2nd Year anniversary of this group, which is an amazing achievement. Many thanks to Alex for all the writers and their insecurities he's helped over the past 2 years.

I wrote a Dear Diary on the Writer Diaries recently, and about how much writing is about keeping faith in oneself. The full post is here if you are interested.

I wanted to talk on a similar theme for this month's Insecure Writers post. At times it is hard to have the faith, or self-confidence to believe that one day we'll make, or that this manuscript will turn out okay, or that we have the ability to do it. It's hard to keep on going. We can rely on other's at these moments to lift us up and say we can do it.

We can celebrate those in between achievements. It can be hard to feel like you'll ever get to celebrate the published book or agent found or finished manuscript when you are in the throes of a difficult chapter, but you can celebrate getting 100 words done or sorting out a plot point. They all add up.

We'll all get there, and when we do, we'll only set ourselves another goal to aim towards and worry we won't make.

So perhaps we should just quit worrying. Easier said than done! Any thoughts?


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    I like this. It expresses things perfectly and makes me smile, as well. Keep going (I think) one step and another. It'll be worth it.

    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  2. I agree. Sometimes we miss the small moments when we focus on the big picture. But that big picture is nothing without the moments in between. =) And any step forward is a victory.

  3. Yes, we should quit worrying. Sadly, I have no idea how to do that. But I do always celebrate the minor achievements (yesterday I wrote 300 words!) you said, they'll add up.

  4. That's right - celebrate the little things along the way.

  5. Definitely true! We get so hung up on the big picture we sometimes forget that getting over a block or as you said, even 100 new words, is an accomplishment. Loved this!

  6. I agree. It's so hard to write sometimes, and it feels like everyone is against you because publishing is so crazy hard. But I try to remember that even the beach is made of single grains of sand... just a whole bunch of them. Writing is sort of like that. good post.

  7. This is a great post, and so true. We need to remember that we write for ourselves because we enjoy it, and that every word brings us one step closer to our dreams.

  8. True - I feel like one worry chases after another, and I'm always insecure about something! But even published authors and agented authors feel the same - I think it's something that never really goes away. But the writing makes it worth it! :)

  9. Writing whether it is in joy or the tough time needs to be done if we want to achieve a finished product. Having fun along the way though is a great thing and celebration is definitely in order.

  10. I like this idea of celebrating the small steps--what better way to stay on track? :)

  11. He he he, quit worrying? Love it! Yes! Right! Thats it! ;)

    Seriously, i totally agree...good luck honey!


  12. Diana Wilder - one step after another, indeed!

    E. Arroyo - absolutely, each part of it is a victory!

    M.J. Fifield - YAY to your 300 words!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - :) I try to!

    S.K. Anthony - thank you!

    Rena - what a great image, the beach is made of lots of grains of sand, thank you so much for sharing that!

    Laura - each word counts indeed!

    Emma Adams - absolutely, the writing is what's worth it!

    Sheena-kay Graham - I like to celebrate ;)

    Lara Lacombe - ;) Thank you

    Vikki T - I'l gonna try anyway...

  13. I agree! Forward motion, even if it's small, is a huge accomplishment!

  14. As my post this moth is all about the worry I can
    t say anything about not doing it, only coping with it. But celebrating the small things *clears throat* helps a lot. You rock!

  15. Remarkable Post, aptly stated. It's the Small Celebrations that add up!

  16. One foot in front of the other. Totally agree :)

  17. It is sometimes easier said than done but as you always encourage us, Lets celebrate those small things together.

  18. Julie - forward motion is important :)
    Bev - celebrating the small things HURRAH
    Cathrina - thank you!
    Kelley - that's all we can do!
    Suzanne - :) let's!


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