Wednesday 6 November 2013

IWSG: Feeling Disconnected

Time for another Insecure Writers Support Group, which is a fantastic place to connect with other writers and be reassured you aren't alone in your worries and insecurities. Here is the link for the sign up: behold, shiny new website!

This month I am talking about feeling disconnected. I feel left out at the moment because (gasp) I am not doing Nanowrimo. I think it is a GREAT challenge and I wish I was joining in, but the timing just wasn't right for my projects. I haven't quite settled on a new idea. I need to do some edits on my current MS. The timing wasn't there, and rather than drop where I am and draft something I'm not sure about (which may have worked out well, who knows), I am just not joining in.

As a result I feel pretty much disconnected from the entire writing community, ha ha! The planet is doing Nano it seems with sprints and word count discussions. Which is great of course, that's why Nano is so encouraging.

But I am left feeling a bit, well, left out! Plus my work/life is endlessly busy at the moment so any blogging/tweeting/writing time is all a bit squeezed in, which adds to the feeling.

And Left Out feelings I suppose make going my own way feel a bit of a struggle oh I could just watch TV instead of writing. But that's not the attitude. My Nano time will come another year, and in the meantime I cheer on my fellow writers doing it and join in that way as best I can. So go you with that word sprint! Are you on Nano-track?

Anybody else feel disconnected, for whatever reason?


  1. Aww! This happened to me when I wasn't NaNoing, so I totally understand!

  2. I felt the same last year when I wasn't taking part, but sometimes it's the best decision to not do it. Good luck with your edits :)

  3. You have to do what's best for your particular situation, so I don't think you should feel disconnected at all. I'm sure everyone can relate to your decision.

  4. This is my first year taking part, so I know how you feel! I'm doing my own version though, aiming to finish my current MS rather than aiming for 50,000 words of a new project. Still, I do love the inspirational atmosphere of NaNo!

  5. Hmm, I thought I'd posted. Well, I know exactly how it feels to not do NaNo. It sucks. It's like sitting on the sidelines while all of your friends play the best game ever. On the other hand, NaNo is hard and stressfull and people will be dropping out. That's just how it works.

    Good luck with your non-NaNo projects and chin up.

  6. I want to consider this challenge possibly next year? I don't feel I have the time or the experience just yet. Don't feel left out....everything is for a reason!! I feel disconnected when I read others posts that are connected! Ha Ha ...they help me to get connected, and I am working on a second short story. Sandy

  7. I'm having the opposite problem. I can't seem to unplug. My phone is constantly dinging making it difficult to have a face to face conversation which is pissing off my friends. I guess that makes me disconnected in a different way. (powering down phone) ;)

    Cool site! I just followed you. You can find me at

  8. Don't feel left out! I'm not doing it either. Take the time to do a writing project in your own style.

  9. I'm not either. I 'won' the last two years and love it, but it's wrong for me too this year. I know what you mean though, can feel poop when you see everyone elses hype. :)

  10. I'm not doing it either I know I couldn't write to such a tight schedule. I wish those who do well but I'm trying to use the time between now and Christmas to push ahead with my current WIP.

  11. I'm not doing NaNo either so we can be left out together! I am happy cheering everyone on but I just wasn't up for doing it this year.

  12. Kyra Lennon- thanks hon. I am happy to cheer people on but I do feel left out!

    Laura - thanks! Hopefully can crack on with t hem.

    Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - thank you, I had to make the call not to join in.

    Emma Adams - ooh well good idea to do your own version! Good luck!

    Rena - thank you, and gosh that's exactly how it is, like everybody joining in on a game and I'm not. But you are right, it is stressful and time consuming too!

    Sandy Campbell - thank you, you are right everything is for a reason. Good luck with that story.

    Adrienne Reiter - thank you for your comment and following!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - ah well I'm not alone ;)

    Shah Wharton - you have to do it when it's right for you don't you.

    Suzanne Furness - sounds good, good luck getting on with your WIP!

    Julie Flanders - *links arms with you* left out together sounds good!

  13. I can sympathize. I'm doing NaNo, but I'm so far off track I may as well not be doing it. That's okay though--it's the thought that counts! :)

  14. This is actually my first year doing Nano, but I totally get it. I actually wasn't planning to do it then on Nov. 1st when my other project was bogging me down. I thought this would be a great opportunity to clear my mind.

    But even if you are not doing Nano, you are still here and writing and there is no reason to feel left out! Look at all these comments. We are here for you!

  15. I'm not doing Nano either, but I don't feel disconnected about it. Too busy hopping like a mad woman, I'm afraid. It's been a busy week for that. Ah life, and then we blog...hop, blog some more! You know the drill. Off to visit your celebration hop now...

  16. Lara - all words are more words than you had before, I figure!

    Oldmomsunite - thank you, that's lovely to hear! Yes you are right I'm still here ;)

    MJ - hopping like a mad woman, great way to put it! We go blog and hop indeed!


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