Friday 18 April 2014

Celebrate The Small Things - 18 April

Hello and Happy Easter everyone! It is time to Celebrate the Small Things again!

The purpose is simple: celebrate the small things in life, whatever they may be, by posting in your blog. Sign up on the linky, hop around and celebrate with everyone!

I have done a small tidy of the list, and will do a proper one beg. May when the busy A-Z is over. If I accidentally deleted you, as ever, apologies.

My celebrations are:

  • A few days off work for Easter. In my old job I worked most public holidays so it is still a novelty to get them off! Hurrah
  • Seeing a good friend this week and having a good catch up with her.
  • Plans to see my Mum this weekend.
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny awaiting my eating ;)

How about you?

Here's the linky:


  1. Oh, yes, Happy Easter--and thanks for reminding me (must emerge from my writing cave more often and look at a calendar!).

  2. Yay for time off work, enjoy. Looking forward to a nibble of chocolate myself on Sunday.

  3. Yay to chocolate bunnies and days off! Enjoy both :)

    1. Ug! I'm such a goof! I accidentally (without thinking) linked myselft twice. Can you kick me out of the linky (one time, please?) So sorry!

  4. Sounds as if you've made some great plans. Enjoy!

  5. Happy Easter to you! I hope it's wonderful!

  6. Just found your blog hop and signed up! What a great idea! Happy Easter to you--enjoy your days off!

  7. Have a good Easter weekend! :)

  8. Didn't post anything yesterday, so I'm simply sharing the celebrations of others this time. Happy Easter.

  9. Enjoy your days off, your visit with your Mum, and Happy Easter!

  10. Thanks for the Easter Greetings everyone - happy Easter all!
    Welcome Kristin!

  11. i've missed ya! you know how april is with this crazy a to z! may will be definitely slower, besides my cover reveal on the 5th.

    hope things are well with you!
    happy tuesday!

  12. I hope you enjoyed the Easter break, I certainly did. I now have a cupboard bursting with chocolate. I don't know how I'll cope!


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