Saturday 30 June 2012

Blog Awards

Several people have been generous enough to give me blog awards recently *blinks in surprise* thank you very very much for them! It is very kind!

Here goes with the info...

Tara Tyler was generous enough to deem my blog 'Fabulous'

this involves answering five questions and I'm going to copy Tara by doing mine about writing:

Five Fab Writing Moments

1.Meeting my Writing Group
2. Having a story published in '100 Stories for Haiti', also a great cause
3.When I was 10 and Nikki Magazine published my letter and I saw my name in print for first time
4. Satisfaction of finishing first draft ever of complete novel
5. Meeting Fab People online!

Five Things I Love about Writing
1. Getting First Spark of an idea and working it out
2. Finishing a draft
3. Having characters take on a life of their own
4. Building a world in my head and seeing it come out on the page
5. Editing!

Five Things I Hate
1. When that spark of an idea doesn't quite work out
2. When that draft falters
3. When characters run away too far and don't come back
4. That world not being how I imagined it, or just not coming out
5. Editing! (LOL!)

See bottom for my nominees...

claredugmorewrites was kind enough to give me the Liebster Award.

Rules of this are:
Thank your Award presenter on your blog + link back.
Copy/paste award on blog
Present to 5 blogs with 200 followers of less + let them know by commenting on their blog!

Again see bottom for my nominees...

T L Bodine and Big city bumpkin both kindly gave me the 7x7 award!

I get to pick 7 posts for this and I don't have too many to choose from so am going to combine some:

Most Beautiful Piece + Most Popular Piece

Most Helpful Piece

Most Controversial Piece

I'm clearly not very controversial because I can't think of one. Will post controversial things STAT

Most Underrated Piece

Most Pride-Worthy Piece + Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Phew. Now I also was given the Versatile Blogger Award a wee while back and never nominated anyone for that.

SO HERE are some fabulous versatile bloggers (I don't always know how many followers you have): Take whichever award you like :)

(Do forgive me for not nominating people for all the separate ones).

If anybody made it through all that, take the fabulous award for yourself ;)


  1. Thanks for the nomination :-) Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately (on email as well) but I've been so busy with my final exams, moving back home from university for the summer, and trying to get my driver's license, I've hardly had any time to write / go online! :)

    1. No worries- hope you are less busy soon and have more time for online fun ;)

  2. good for you!!! love your answers. editing is a love/hate relationship, isnt it!
    and enjoy your awards =)

    1. I am quite love/hate with editing, LOL!

      Thank you ;)

  3. Thank you for nominating my blog Vik and for reading it in the first place when there are so many to choose from! I look forward to visiting you in the land of shiny new ideas soon!!

    1. No problem, I enjoy your blog!

      YAY to the land of shiny new ideas ;)

  4. Congrats on your blog awards!

  5. Thank you so much Vik! I'll nab the Fabulous Blog Ribbon one but it might take me a while to post - like Majanka crazy behind on all the online stuff due to exams/moving.

    1. Yes do take it, you are quite fabulous! Hope you have more time for fun soon! :)


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