Saturday 30 June 2012

The Last Book I Loved: Dads, Geeks & Blue Haired Freaks by ElliePhillips

The Last Book I Loved: Dads, Geeks & Blue Haired Freaks by Ellie Phillips.

Sadie Nathanson is freaked when she receives a card from her Dad for her birthday, because she has no idea who her Dad is: he was a sperm donor. She suspects the card to be a nasty joke from her ex best friend but decides to find her Dad anyway using the internet and her own wiles.

The story zips along with plenty of surprises and laughter, and quite a few hairstyles too! The voice of the main character is excellent, I really felt for Sadie and and rooted for her during her search. Her family were a hoot and I’d love to see more of them.

I thought this was a recently interesting topic to cover in a teen novel, and not one I’ve seen before. More and more children come into this world under different circumstances and live in different family units so it was nice to see a book cover this sensitively while not being preachy; it’s very much a fun, fast-paced read with an interesting heroine.

I recommend it, and I hope we see more of Sadie and her family.

Check it out on Amazon Uk here and the author Ellie Phillips blogs here

Now you rec me the last book you loved!


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  2. nice review! sounds like a good book! thanks!

  3. This sounds too great! I definitely want to read it!
    And I'm still going to use book cover pictures on my blog. With the market we're in, I think that's okay. A reader would only look at that as publicity. Don't do it cause I say so, but I'm definitely still using them. Lets hope it doesn't get me in trouble. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting - this post is actually from a couple of weeks ago and I went in to take out the book cover, I wasn't sure if I should leave it in or not! And then realised I had changed the date (doh! Changed it back now!). I think I was probably being paranoid book cover wise as I am sure some element of review/using the cover for review must stick!

      Is a very good book, worth a read!


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