Wednesday 3 October 2012

IWSG: Dedication is what you need

(First off - I have a pitch being critiqued for Hook Line and Sinker over at Kat Ellis's blog so please do go visit and let me know what you think!).

Secondly, onto the business of the day: Insecure Writers Support Group.

Anyone from the UK and of a particular age is hopefully now humming the theme to Record Breakers, having read my title. For anyone not familiar, we had a programme back in the day, where people tried to break records. You know the type, smashing the most bricks or hooping the most hula hoops, etc. The theme was that dedication is what you need to break that record. Working hard and picking yourself up when you are 2 bricks short, then 1 brick short, then possibly failing, still.

It's what you need to be a writer too. Not just dedication to get the story out, but dedication to pick yourself up after rejections. When you don't make that contest cut or the agent sends a form rejection, dedication makes us pick ourselves up and try again.

It also seems to be that often in life, success is indeed that 99% perspiration.

Often after rejection we think it is because we aren't 'good enough'. Which is mad, because how you measure 'good' I don't know. Or indeed 'success'. Getting an agent? A contract? Selling X many books? It never ends. Whatever your aim and however you are going to define success, I bet there'll be something else to work for even when you get there.

Dedication is what will get us to any of our goals. Dedication is what can make us strive onward, to write something new or rewrite something old. Dedication makes us send that query out again.

So if you are feeling insecure or down or like you aren't 'good enough' or 'successful enough' or any of those subjective words: I wish you luck and dedication because I think what's needed is a bit of both. And I'll join you as we try and break those 2 more bricks.


  1. Lol, I did indeed start humming the theme tune! You made some excellent points here - no matter what stage you're at, there is always more work to do. It's impossible to get through without dedication!

  2. I really enjoyed this post and only found your blog today. I have two books sitting on memory sticks that have never even got to the rejection stage. I think i need to find some courage and dedication to not just break the bricks but pick them up in the first place

  3. Thank you for such a great post. It does seem like an endless loop. All of the arts have to be done for their own sake, not for any measurable level of success, but it can be SO hard to see that sometimes. Thanks for pointing out that there is no "end point"... I feel better from reading your post!

  4. You're TOTALLY right. It does come down to dedication. Without a doubt. :)

  5. Hear, hear! Great words of inspiration.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  6. Success is always little steps anyway. Great words of encouragement today, Vik!

  7. Oh dedication, that's what you need! Yep, started singing along! You're right though, lots of dedication and determination is needed to succeed.

  8. Awesome post, and thank you for visiting mine today. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's dedication. I just had to be reminded of that. :)

  9. Man, you've got to be the most optimistic person I know (I mean that in a good way, though I'm actually not sure how it could be taken in a bad way). This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. You're right though. I just need to dig in and find my dedication, and that'll go a long way.

    (P.S. Yes, I anticipate sending you many panicky emails about my outline in the near future. But not until I finish reading your chapters!)

  10. I needed this! It is difficult being a writer. We work so hard and then get rejected time and time again. This is why being involved in the writer blogging world is important. We get to chat with others who know EXACTLY how we feel. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I agree with Crystal in the comment above, this kind of post is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you so much for this!

    You're right, writers have to stick together : )

  12. I've so been feeling this way. It's easy to get discouraged, but you're right, we have to keep going!

  13. I've felt this way before -- feeling that I haven't accomplished anything with my writing. I dedicate myself to writing film reviews and blogging. I love feeling dedicated but it takes time and effort and sometimes, I don't have time to write for four hours outta the day because I get so distracted and I'm busy with my life. Dedication is everything in writing. You gotta have the dedication otherwise writing will feel like a chore.

    We just gotta keep writing and never give up! Great post! :)

  14. What a wonderful, motivating post. Thanks for that!

  15. powerful, inspiring words! i've read a few iwsg posts that could use this!
    heading over to see your crit!

  16. Hi Vikki, so truuuuueeeeee! And I can just see Roy Castle and his trumpet playing the theme tune now!

    1. I thought I would put it in a few people's heads ;) Thank you for commenting!

  17. Kyra - I thought I would set the theme tune off in some people ;)

    Joanna - it does take a step to put yourself out there. I wish you the dedication to pick them up and do so!

    Jeanette - I am glad I made you feel better. The end point just moves ever forward I think!

    Morgan - glad you agree!

    Allison - thank you!

    Alex - thank you, I felt like encouraging today!

    Suzanne - another singalong ;) Glad you agree.

    David - thank you for visiting here and happy you agree.

    Tobi - trying to be optimistic I guess! It's hard to keep on going but onward we must!

    Crystal - happy to help, glad this post hit at a good time for you!

    Paula - we do have to stick together and help us find that energy to carry on!

    J.A. - picking ourselves up is the hard part I think!

    Livia - yes it is time and effort but it helps you keep onward! Thank you.

    Kimberly - happy to motivate!

    Tara- thank you, and thank you for looking at my crit.

    Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely comments on my post today.

  18. You are so right, but it's hard advice to follow. It really is. and without strong, firm dedication, you won't make it.

    Your stories are so full of energy, I hope you know that. I love reading your work and I'm eagerly awaiting the day your books hit the shelves.

    Don't read my ISWG entry this month. I ranted too soon and now I'm hiding behind red cheeks...

  19. You are very, very right. Dedication and discipline, it really comes down to sticking to your guns. Thanks for the insight this month. I hope it's touched more people than it has me :)

  20. Dedication is definitely key.

  21. You got it. SO may factors in achieving a publishing dream. Often it's simply a numbers game. How many times have I heard from agents that they have something similar already.
    Fortunately, times have changed and writers have more options. Dedication is necessary regardless the path. :)

  22. Ink - thank you for saying my stories have energy, I hope so!

    Randi - that's all we can do, is stick to it and hope for hte best.

    Nicole - glad you agree!

    PK - it's often luck, and keeping going, and as you say, whatever path we have to keep on keeping on!

    Thanks all for commenting.


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