Wednesday 31 October 2012

Blog hop Reminder

Just a reminder that next week is the 'I'm Thankful for my Readers' blog hop which Tara and I are running.

Go here for the info.

I know everyone may be Nano busy but it shouldn't take long to join in. Prep you post tonight! Take that break for a few mins next week to check out others posts, after all our readers and crit partners help keep us sane, especially during times like Nano!

Please do sign up if you haven't already and thanks to those who are joining in!

This post was brought to you from my mobile phone app so if links don't work or it looks funny that's why. If it looks ok it may herald a new world of phone posts from me :)


  1. I'm already signed up. The post and links look fine to me!

  2. Looks like quite a few have joined the blog hop. Looking forward to it!

  3. almost here! so excited! so glad you thought of it =)

  4. I'm number 58 :D Thanks for hosting and giving us a chance to let our readers know we ARE thankful for them.

  5. Wonderful idea. I am on my way to sign up now.

  6. Thank you for signing up everyone! Am excited for next week!


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