Monday 5 November 2012

I'm Thankful For My Readers: Bloghop List

It is time for the "I'm Thankful For My Readers" Bloghop"! The linky list is all working again so I have removed my list of links and replaced with the links - and my entry (below!)

Here goes with my contribution:

There once was a wannabe writer
Whose writing needed to be tighter,
and thanks to those readers,
Whose tips they did feed her,
and made her writing so much brighter!

Alright so my limericks need work but the intention is there.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on this blog, or on twitter, your presence makes my day so much brighter.

Thanks to those I email and communicate with 'off blog' who have awesome ideas and tips and have in turn encouraged ideas or offered to  read parts of my work: TobiInkinthebookKate LarkindaleAllison, J.A., Lisa, Majanka included. It is lovely to have met you.

Thanks of COURSE to Tara, my bloghop partner in crime who has made me a super awesome header I am going to put up tonight! :) YAY. Thank you so much for making it. I am so so happy you have a publisher for your ace novel Pop Travel and cannot wait until I can order a copy. I am very happy to have met you!

Thanks especially to my 'real life writing group' who I meet with once a month, and have done for several years now. I am so excited that we are starting to get published! You keep me sane.

And of course thanks to everyone who is joining in this bloghop. I will be back tonight to read everyone's entries, and hope you'll all hop around and join in the love ;) Remember if you'd like to, to tweet using #thankstomyreaders.

Wish all those doing Nano luck and a good November to all.


  1. That's all right - we can still access the names. Posted my entry today.

  2. crazy day! glad we still have the list =)

  3. Love the limerick!!! Thanks for hosting this great fest of Thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you for hosting this hop. Also, I liked your limerick. It was cute. ^^

  5. Thanks for co-hosting this blog hop! My post is up and I'll be "hopping" around and commenting over the next couple of days. :)

  6. This was such a great idea! Thanks for co-hosting it!

  7. I seriously LOVE this hop... so brilliant. The feeling of gratitude is so great on blogosphere today! Thanks for this, Vikki <3

  8. This is such a lovely idea for a fest - thanks for doing it. Will go Tweet right now.

  9. Your limericks are great. :D Thanks for hosting the bloghop!!

  10. Great limerick! Thanks so much more hosting this wonderful blog hop, Vikki. I love being able to get inside my own heart and realize my gratitude for my writer friends and blog followers.

  11. Loved your limerick and love this bloghop idea. A chance to say big thanks to our readers, thanks to you and Tara for hositng. I have seen the header Tara made for you over at her blog it's fab! Look forward to seeing it here soon :)

  12. Loved your limerick, love your blog, and I'm SO thankful to have a CP like you.Thaks for the blog hop. Pre-Thanksgiving thankfulness IS great!

  13. Alex - thank you, and thank you for joining in.

    Tara- glad the list sorted itself out ;)

    Tyrean - glad you liked the limerick and gosh it's no trouble, it's lovely to see everyone's entries!

    Patricia - no problem and happy the limerick worked for you ;)

    Madeline- thank you for joining in!

    Sherry - no worries, it's been lovely reading all the entries!

    Morgan - no problem at all, it's been a treat to read everything!

    Nicki - thank you , I saw your tweet too ;)

    Laura - glad you enjoyed the limerick!

    Cathy - thank you, it's been nice reading everyone's posts.

    Suzanne - I am trying to get the header working now ;) Thank you for commenting ;)

    Ink - thank you for YOU. ;)

  14. It's an awesomely great idea for a hop, Vikki. Thanks for including all of us in such a wonderful project.

  15. Cute limerick and this was such a great idea for a blogfest!! So thank YOU!

  16. That's a lovely little limerick. A very awesome and heartfelt thank you to all your readers as well. Love your banner - Tara is so good at it. Thnaks for hosting, too! This was a great idea.

  17. Love the limmerick. :) Thanks for hosting the blog hop. It's a great idea!

  18. Great post, Vikki! We have a lot to be thankful here in this writing community! This community is awesome!

    The bloghop idea is awesome! I wish I could've participated in it. :)

  19. Great post! I am thankful for you as well :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  20. Hi! I signed up through Tara's blog but I wanted to drop by and say thanks to you as well :)

  21. What a cute poem! Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop. It's a warm and fuzzy heart day in the blog-verse. :)

  22. This bloghop has been so fun, VikLit! Thank you for hosting. :)

  23. What a great reminder to be thankful to those who help us in our writing. I would be lost without the friends who helped me and the strangers who helped me and my crit group who competely rock my socks. Thanks for this post to help me remember.

  24. Yay! That header is adorable. Kudos to Tara for an amazing job! And I love your limerick--terribly cute. Thanks for co-hosting this awesome bloghop.

  25. Aww! I completely love your limerick!

  26. Very cute limerick. Thanks so much for co-hosting. This has been fun :)

  27. Very cute poem! I liked it!

  28. And thank you for hosting :)


  29. Such a wonderful blog hop idea! Thank you for hosting. I love your header!!

  30. It's wonderful to see so many peeps have signed up for this one - it's a brilliant idea :)

  31. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. Love the limerick!

  32. Visiting from IWSG, but this was such a nice post I wanted to thank you for it. Even if you forgot about the IWSG.

    Nice to meet you.

  33. Faraawayeyes - I am late with IWSG but have put it up, thank you for visiting and commenting on this post anyway.

    M Pax - thank YOU for joining in!

    Tamara - thank you, glad you liked the limerick!

    Gwen and Emily - thank you, glad you liked the limerick!

    Livia - thank you so for commenting!

    Allison - HUGS glad to have met!

    Samantha - thank you, that's very nice of you to visit here!

    Christine - it has been lovely reading all the posts.

    Carrie - no worries, gosh, thanks to everyone who joined in and made it work!

    Jessica - glad you liked the post and thank you for the lovely comment!

    Crystal - aw thanks, glad you liked the limerick!

    Cherie - thank you ;)

    Heather - thank you ;)

    Jack - thanks and thanks for joining in!

    Vikki - thanks for joining in.

    Kimberley - thank you I love the header too!

    Anna - it's been so lovely reading everyone's posts!

    Debra - no worries gosh thank YOU for commenting here.

  34. Hi Viklit. Thanks for the awesome blog hop. I'm honored to be chosen as one of the winners.
    (Great banner header - I recognized Tara's trademark graphics immediately)
    Nice to meet you. *waving all the way from down under*

  35. Love the limerick! And thanks for hosting this blogfest - I've see so many great entries. :)

  36. Michelle - a deserved winner! :) Nice to meet you! Thank you for joining in with such a great post!

    Nicole - thank you, glad the limerick worked okay ;)


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