Monday 26 November 2012

Please Give me Your Links: Useful Tips and Posts Wanted

I have had a computer disaster. In that my computer is dead as the dodo. It won't turn on. I hopefully will be able to retrieve my data from it, which is good as I haven't done a full computer backup in a while. So if you are reading this: BACKUP NOW.

Luckily, I do email myself my works in progress at regular intervals and am grateful for that paranoia as it meant I haven't lost too much writing. (Just a week or so since I last mailed self).

What I HAVE lost however, are all the internet bookmarks I have made. I don't think I will get these back. Over time I have bookmarked:

Useful Writing Advice - e.g. words to cut out, phrases to look out for, checks to do before submitting.
Software and Editing Wizards - e.g. autocrit, scrivener
Useful Writing Bits - e.g. Save the Cat Beat Sheet
Editorial and Critique Services - e.g. Teen Eyes

I have lost ALL OF THESE. Obviously, some of these I can google and find again, like I have above.

Others, I have lost. And so I ask you: please share your bookmarks! Or, links to your own posts. If you have posted useful writing tips, share the link here! If you have links to fab writing bits and bobs, please share.

If I get a few, I will do a master list and maybe it will be of use to other people too!

Please do share, and I thank you if you do.

(and backup that computer!)


  1. Writer's Knowledge Base run by Elizabeth Spann Craig has a lot of good stuff. So does Ink Pageant. And Diane at Spunk on a Stick has some good links. Sorry, best I can do! Hope you can recover everything on your computer. And yes, I back up often.

  2. If you can get access to your hard drive, you can get your bookmarks back:

    Also, they sell hard drive docks that you can plug an internal hard drive into that will make it act like an external hard drive (I just did it with my brother's yesterday). I use the Black Widow one. If you don't have another way to access your files, it might be worth investing in. They're not too expensive; I think it pays for itself after one use, especially if you haven't done a backup in awhile (speaking of which, I really ought to do one ASAP...).

    Good luck!!!

  3. Ooh, yikes! During NaNo I've been doing a blog series about various resources, so that might be helpful to you. Absolute Write and Nathan Bransford's blog also have some good stuff.

  4. I sometimes give writing advice. Right now, I have example of how I'm using Excel sheets to help me keep track of a complex story.

  5. tobi's right, if you can access your hard drive, it has your bookmark faves. i transfer mine with each new computer... when you get a new one, the techie guys can help you gather all your info, like at best buy.

    so sorry! that is frustrating!!!! good luck!

  6. Oh that is frustrating. Sorry to hear it.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  7. Oh no! I'm sorry that happened. I have a flash drive I keep all my important things on, but I never thought to back up my ebooks. Must get another drive for them!

  8. Christine - thanks, it was annoying but most of my stuff is back!

    Allison - thank you, it was annoying

    Tara - Thanks, I'll try and find them. It's so annoying!

    Mark - thank you, I'll check out your link!

    Nicole -thank you, I'll check out your site!

    Tobi - thanks SO much for the tips, that's so handy! (And do a back up!)

    Alex - thanks, I'll check them all out!

  9. This happened to me back in July. I know how upsetting this can be. I hope you can somehow access your files. And yes, backup backup backup. Daily.


  10. Cheers Ink, it is upsetting. Most of my files seem to be back though ! :) BACK UP is my new motto.


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