Monday 10 December 2012

Cheers Cavanaugh Blogfest!

Today I am taking part in the 'Cheers, Cavanaugh' Blogfest. If you've been around the interwebs at all you will have come across Alex Cavanaugh and his mad blogging /commenting skills. Not only that but he began the Insecure Writers Support Group which is an awesome way of realising  you are not alone in your insecurities and of connecting with new people.

Sign up and details of the fest are here

So, onto the blogfest!

What Does Alex Look Like?
By day, you would pass him on the street. When blogging, he's a mysterious masked stranger, helping one blogger at a time with his comments and blogfests. None of us know what he looks like, but we know when he's been to visit.

Who could play Alex in a documentary?
Christian Bale.

Who does Alex remind you of?
Batman. I'm not saying he has superpowers, but there are some special blogging skills. 

Write flash fiction using the prompts: Cavanaugh, Ninja, IWSG, Cosbolt, Guitar

Here goes: 

Cavanaugh flew the Cosbolt down and landed perfectly, despite the rush to get back. He was late. The Ninjas needed him. He jumped out, ignored the guitar in the entrance hall which called out to him to play it, and headed for the basement. The blogging cave awaited.

Entering the cave, he flicked on the power. The hundred screens powered up. Sitting down, he cracked his knuckles. Time to use those blogging skills for good. Today was IWSG day and posts had to be read, comments answered.
His guitar would have to wait.

Thanks to Mrs. Cavanaugh for sharing Alex and thanks to Alex for all the time he puts in visiting and commenting on blogs. We all appreciate you!


  1. a very sweet tribute & story! you nailed him!

  2. A great tribute and story to a great person.


  3. I'd be happy with Christian Bale playing me!
    Thank you so much, Vik - this is truly awesome.
    Now, back to the blog cave!

  4. Oh, Batman is good! Yep,definitely mysterious with amazing powers ;)

  5. Oooooo... loving the Christain Bale idea...

    Great flash. :D

    1. Came back to re-read this and I didn't give enough props to the "blogging cave" Sooooo funny...

  6. Ditto the Christian Bale look.! I can now picture Alex in the depths of a bat cave hunched over his keypad!

  7. Oh man, a blogging cave would be awesome! Complete with a blog-mobile. ;) This was fun.

  8. You're so right, Alex is a mysterious guy in this blogging world but we know FOR SURE when he comments on our blogs! It's like a little present waiting for us and we just smile at it, knowing it's from our Ninja Captain! Yep, he visits a trillion blogs every day and I mean it! Don't know how he does it, but man I love Alex! Cheers Ninja Captain Alex!

  9. Tara - thank you.

    Alex - no worries, thank YOU for all the commenting and support!

    T. and Morgan - thank you ;)

    Suzanne - hee, exactly!

    Nicole - I'd like a blogging cave too!

    Livia - Cheers indeed!

  10. Mrs. C just doesn;t get enough credit. Props to Mrs. C!

  11. Great minds think alike. I said Christian too! Way kewl!

  12. I could see Alex as Batman, since he is part ninja, but I sure hope he a better voice. This was great! Thank you for participating! :)

  13. Oh! Batman works good. Such a great fit, too.

    Hi Vikki! How are you doing? I hope your holidays are going awesome:)

  14. I wonder how close to the truth this version is? I liked it.

  15. Ahhh Batman-like. That explains a lot :)

  16. Stephen - props to Mrs C indeed!

    Joylene - great minds indeed! Yay!

    David - Hee yes I agree on the better voice part!

    Ink - Have had a few winter bugs but am doing okay! How are you?!

    DG - Hee, thank you!

    Allison - LOL I think so!

    Thank you for the comments, and for running this fun blogfest!


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