Monday 17 December 2012

The Events of Last week + Fragility of Life in Writing

I have nothing to add to the discussions surrounding the events at Newtown last week that hasn't been said elsewhere, other than that my thoughts and heart go out to those suffering. We should remember the victims, let their names be famous. I will remember Victoria Soto when I think Newtown, who died a hero.

 Last week I also heard about an old colleague of mine, who died very suddenly. She was only in her late 30's and was a lively, lovely woman.

 Coming home on Friday night, several tube lines were delayed due to separate 'incidents' aka bodies on the tracks. I find it sobering that several people ended their lives on Friday night. Christmas is not a happy time for everyone.

All of these things remind me how lucky we are to have our health and our loved ones. To be coping in our day to day lives. It's so easy to take that for granted, and it's only when we hear of a shocking incident or sudden death to be glad and feel blessed for it. It's so easy in day to day life to get caught up being annoyed by late trains or a friend's glib remark or an annoyance at work that we forget the big picture. I'm going to hold onto that big picture.

I have been thinking about how that 'big picture' comes across in my writing. A lot of us write about fantastical worlds, defeating villains, controlling powers, coming face to face with paranormal creatures. These stories come really alive when they are underpinned by family, love, loyalty, freedom, by testing and finding who we are.

Look at your novel and think about what that 'big picture' theme is. Someday the big picture in my novel will be that we are lucky when we are taking our situation for granted. That we are forever on a knife edge, it's that we only sometimes look down and see it. I'll get that fragility across.

I'll be back with a more lighthearted post later in the week, in the meantime, my love to you all.


  1. The big picture of mine is love. (No idea how that happened, either.)

  2. It's heartbreaking to hear that so many awful things are happening. I think it's a great reminder to be thankful for those we have and to hug them a little tighter. Thanks for this post and the reminder about being true in our writing.

  3. Never forget to tell those special people we love them. Christmas can be a difficult time for many.

  4. thank you, vikki. december has been depressing. several deaths of natural causes & full lives here, but death and sadness just the same. but i hope the grim reaper takes a vacay soon. we need time to heal and cheer each other. i pray for lifted spirits for those who've lost & those who are lonely.

    and excellent analogy! connections & feelings make our stories more real.

  5. I wanted to post about Newtown Conn. but it breaks my heart to think of the terror those little ones must have felt not to mention the adults that was forced to go through it too. Two of my kids are 7 and 10 and the thought of them having to face such terror at their age is almost more than I can bear. Thank you for this post.

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  7. Nelson - thank you for following and Happy New Year to you! I will check out your site ;)

    Shelley - it is heart breaking, completely. Thank you for commenting.

    Tara - I am sorry to hear you have had death and sadness this December. I hope people find the comfort they need.

    Suzanne - it can indeed, that's really been brought home to me this year.

    Jaime - thank you for commenting.

    Alex - love, interesting, a worthwhile big picture indeed.

    Kyra - thank you.

    Thanks everyone for commenting.


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