Wednesday 3 July 2013

IWSG: July

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Balance Balance Balance
This week I have been thinking about balance. Mostly balancing time. We all have to juggle family, friends, work, writing. It isn't always easy. We feel guilty for spending time writing and not with our other half. We have a busy week at work and so get no writing done. Etc.

I usually try and plan my time. That's how I achieve balance. This is when I'll write. This is when I'll gym. This is when I'll do laundry. But you know what they said about the best laid plans...

I have had a particularly busy month, with lots of fun life things as well as very busy work time, and so it becomes a challenge to find time to writing. I squeeze it in where I can, obviously. I make time. We all do. Because we want to do it. Because we love it.

But sometimes, I feel that one of the balls has to drop. Or might drop. If I don't juggle carefully enough. If I don't focus on balance.

How do you do it? Any tips for keeping life in balance?


  1. Lots of people are struggling with time this month, it seems. I wish I knew the secret!!

  2. I have a timetable for my writing, but I often plan too much on a day where it's just not plausible to get it done, so I've been trying to make more realistic goals. If I know I won't have much time for writing one day, I won't make a goal to write that day, but if I find the time it'll be a bonus.

  3. My post was on a similar them really Vikki. Managing our time and life's responsibilities is sometimes really hard.

  4. I have no balance. I keep as many balls in the air as I can, but as soon as I'm in trouble, I try to put one of them down. Sometimes this works. Sometimes this doesn't. Good luck.

  5. My real problem is the time suck called "the internet". :/ I honestly have no willpower when it comes to that. I have yet to figure out how to conquer that particular hurdle.

  6. Erin Latimer took the words right out of my mouth. I'm not exactly busy, since my job has so much downtime I can write while I'm there. (Doesn't mean I do, though; when there's free wifi...) Lol. Keep it up! You'll get it all balanced out (:

  7. Sometimes something just has to go. I'm busy with my music, so not writing now. But that's all right.

  8. LISTS!! Or at least reminders on my iPhone's calendar. I mark what I absolutely NEED to get to each day and make sure I do it, though sometimes, if it's not urgent, I'll move it back. But still, it helps to know what's on the horizon, then I can see when I'll have blips of time to write. but let me tell you, once I was published, time became my most valuable commodity. Seems all I do any more is spend time marketing, which I hate, but I'm making progress so it's worth it.

    Fantastic post! I'm one of Alex's minion's this month. Great to see you again. It's been a while since I've been around the blogging block.

  9. I try to write at least a little every day but I can't seem to keep up with everything. Last month I made writing my main priority (besides the kiddos, of course!) and now my house is a wreck. I have no answers but your not alone. Balancing life and writing is hard work.

  10. I'm so bad at this and so behind at the writing I should be doing! (as you well know ;) I have no advice beyond if you love it, you will make time. (Speaking of which, I should be getting a first chapter of the new project I am working on to you for first impressions :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  11. We (the family) have a schedule...which includes my writing time...and most weeks the schedule works fine. Of course that all went out the window this year, so we kinda just make it up as we go along. Next year it'll be back to the schedule...and the writing! :)

  12. It's like you said--you schedule the time, and you have to be adaptable. Hang in there! :)

  13. Take your shoes off and stand on one leg. Notice how the muscles in your foot have constantly to tense and release to hold you steady? That's balance: a continual adjustment to circumstances. There is a yoga saying: don't let your breath know when your balance falters. In other words, keep focusing and somehow everything will fall into place.

  14. They say you make time for what you care for most. What they don't say is time's a sneaky bugger. Keep scheduling and do your best. As long as you try, people will see and understand when you have to do something else.

  15. Kyra Lennon - time travel? That would work... :)

    Laura - it's a good idea not to plan any in if you know you'll be busy

    Suzanne - it is difficult to keep all the balls in the air.

    Rena - it is true, sometimes you just have to let things go. Can't do everything!

    Erin - heh. There are programs/applications you can run aren't there? I have never tried one. Maybe I should...

    Kendra5033 - thank you, fingers crossed!

    Alex - yes sometimes it's okay to keep one thing more to the forefront!

    Nancy - ooh I hadn't thought of that, yes it's true that once published I guess there are all sorts of other time consuming things to do!

    Sarah - glad I am not alone! I wish we all had the answers.

    Allison - ooh yes you SHOULD. Send send send please ;)

    DL - glad to hear it'll be back to more writing ;)

    Lara - adaptable is key isn't it!

    Julia - that's a lovely metaphor and I like the yoga saying. I might have to write that out! Thank you!

    Sheena-kay - it is SNEAKY indeed!

  16. Sorry honey, i haven't got any tips because i feel that im dropping balls all over the place lol

    Some good tips youve got already, good luck honey xx

  17. Vikki - heh! We'll struggle along together!

  18. Balance is so difficult. I just give up sleep. ;-) Most of the time I do the things that must be done first, so all I feel like I ever do is put out fires. Best of luck. If you find the trick, please share!

    My IWSG Post

  19. Tia - heh, sleep is sometimes what suffers! Thanks for commenting!

  20. I try not to plan anything unless absolutely necessary. I worked 3&4 jobs raising my kids and I am tired. So work when young, relax when older, that is my balance! As for everyday balance, I try to include nature. I garden & do yardwork a lot. I don't know if there is any true balance these days, life is so busy & keeps shifting too fast to adapt. That is the imbalance: trying to adapt to changes before it changes again. I guess that is why they say find balance inside & ignore outside. Good luck!


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