Sunday 7 July 2013

Tara Tyler: Pop Travel Release Fun

Just a quick party on post because Tara Tyler's Pop Travel is out!

In a futuristic cat-and-mouse game, hard-boiled detective J.L. Cooper is chased across the world using Pop Travel teleportation, which has a deadly flaw he is determined to expose.

Doesn't that sound awesome?

I'll be hosting Tara later in her release excitement on this blog, but I had to join in being excited for its release day!

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  1. Congrats to Tara! Great cover! :)

  2. Ive been looking forward to Pop Travel. Ill get started on it this weekk. Best wishes to Tara!

  3. Hmmmmm .... seems I logged in using a dead password thats still alive. Lets try this ome. Stupid time traveling wormholes always messing with me.

  4. Suzanne = it's so exciting isn't it!

    Alex - me TOO

    Lara - isn't it?!

    Stephen - stupid wormholes!

  5. Thanks so much, you guys!
    And Stephen, you know worm holes better than anyone!


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