Friday 16 August 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 16 August

Time to Celebrate the Small Things again, and here we are in the middle of August! How did that happen?

The rules are simple: Sign up on the linky, post something to celebrate in your blog, no matter how small, and then hop around and celebrate with others.

Before I go into my celebrations: a question. 

Would you prefer to just add your link weekly to that week's post, rather than there be a master list kept up all the time?

It's more work on a weekly basis, I guess, but means you can just hop around people you know are joining in that day?

People can't always join in every week - but if I see people do join in semi regularly, I am reluctant to cut them from the post altogether. I could possibly just be a bit more stringent and if people don't join in for a few weeks, remove them - after all, you can always add yourselves again when you have a bit more time ;)

I welcome thoughts!

My celebrations are:

FRIDAY! I am seeing a friend tomorrow for a facial - I hope it doesn't make my face all red ;) I am hoping it'll be relaxing and am looking forward to it.
Am in an inbetween stage writing wise, where I've set one aside, and need to decide what exactly to focus on next, which is quite nice.
Parks and Recreation - catching up on it on DVD and I LOVE IT.

How about you?

Here's the linky:


  1. Enjoy your facial! I had a shoulder massage for the first time last week. It's tricky to know what to do for the best with the link list. This time of year seems quieter round blogland anyway (to me anyway!). I would be happy to sign up weekly if that made more sense to others.

  2. I would not mind having to sign weekly. I hope you enjoy that facial. Have a great week ahead :)

  3. I don't have a problem with a weekly sign-up either, but I'm also okay with how it is (wasn't that helpful? ;) )
    Have fun with your facial - I'm scared of those!
    And if you're reading Parks and Recreation, I'm curious- planning a vacation???

  4. I think the master list is better. Imagine if IWSG was a monthly listing. Enjoy your weekend and the facial.

  5. Ooh, I've never had a facial before, but I've always wanted to try one...hope it goes well!

    As for the list, I certainly don't mind signing up every week, either, but I'm fine with a master list as well.

  6. I hope you have a great facial. I love a facial. I was going to ask you about people not posting. I prefer the master list, but I'd also like it if when I hopped over to their blogs, they had something to celebrate on there. I'd say you cut the list.

  7. Ooh a facial, I've never actually had one but I'd love to try it one day.
    I like the master list; I always forget to add myself to the weekly ones.

  8. I cull the IWSG list every month, removing people who fail to post two months in a row. It's a lot of work to do that, but I want those who are jumping around the list to enjoy it. It's up to you whether you want a weekly list or master list.

  9. Dear Celebration-Mistress:

    Whatever is easiest for you. If I hit a poster that hasn't posted in a while I may or may not say hi. I certainly go back to the linky...

    Diana at Diana Wilder – About Myself, by Myself

  10. I love Parks and Recreation. One of my favorite shows.

    I've never had a facial before. Hope you have fun.

  11. Enjoy your facial! Sounds fantastic. Although I would also be worried about the red face as I tend to worry about everything LOL.

    Whatever works best for you with the list is fine with me.

  12. I suggest we leave the link list as it is. It's the work of moment to click in to a name to see if they've anything to say: and if they haven't, I simply click elsewhere. Lfe's complicated enough.

  13. Have a great facial, good luck on choosing your next project, and yay for the "Parks & Recreation" love! :-)

    I don't want you to have to do too much work, so maybe the weekly linky would be better. But please open it on Thursdays because I pre-write and schedule it to post on Friday. :-)

  14. I guess my vote is going with the master list- I'm afraid I would forget to sign up each week.

  15. Oh, you have very nice things to celebrate this week! Congratulations on your writing project.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  16. That reminds me I promised myself a spa day last year. Yikes! I'm way overdue.
    Enjoy your facial.

  17. Have a great facial and enjoy your in between time and on catching up on your shows!

    I really don't have a preference in regards to the list, I vote on the easiest for you to manage. If you keep the master list, just worry about cutting once a month. You have a lot going on as it is.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. First, I've been involved with a bloghop where we had to sign up weekly, and it's a bit of a pain. Although it would cut down on visiting non-participating blogs, I think trying to remember to sign up every week would be even worse of a drag.

    Now for the good stuff. Congrats on finishing your project. Being "in between" is a celebration in its self. But may you find a new, worthy project soon. And relax and enjoy your facial. It'll turn out wonderful, even if the effects are temporary. Enjoy it while you can! Writer’s Mark

  19. Hope you enjoyed your facial--I've never had one, but have always been curious.

    As to the list, I'm lazy and would prefer a master list, but will do whatever is easiest for you. :)

  20. The first (and only) time I had a facial, it was lovely while I was having it and I felt very relaxed afterwards. The only thing was though, for a few days afterwards my skin felt really greasy and I got way more spots than I normally get now! I'm sure you'll love it though.

    As for the linky list, I'm fine with whatever you choose. I think when people sometimes go to people on the main list and there isn't a post yet for the Small Things, it may be because we're all in different time zones and some people can't always post right at the beginning of the day.
    That's my tuppence's worth anyway ...

  21. That in between project phase can be nice in a daydream-y, pondering over possibilities kind of way! Happy in between moment!

    For the linky list, I could do the once in a while sign up, but I don't want it to be too much work . . . so, it's up to you, of course. :)

  22. Suzanne - ooh shoulder massage sounds nice!

    Bames - facial was nice thanks!

    T. Drecker - facial wasn't too scary ;)

    Sheena-kay Graham- yes true! thank you.

    Mere Joyce - it was good thank you

    Nana Prah - thanks, just did a cull!

    Laura - I recommend one!

    Alex - thanks, I am going to follow your eg!

    Diana Wilder - Celebration-Mistress, I like it!

    M.J. Fifield - Parks is AWESOME!

    Julie Flanders - heh my face wasn't too red ;)

    Julia - true, thanks for your thoughts!

    Lexa Cain - LOVING Parks!

    Melanie Schulz - thanks!

    Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - thank you, happy weekend to you.

    cleemckenziebooks - you are VERY overdue your spa day! :)

    S.K. Anthony - thank you, TV catching up time is nice!

    Nancy LaRonda Johnson - thanks for your thoughts!

    Lara - the facial was good!

    Heather Musk - I am worried about the spots!

    Tyrean Martinson - yes it's a nice in between time :)

  23. I like the master list, and comment even if it's a recent post. Hope you enjoyed your facial. Just got back from vacation and trying to hop around blogs for a while. My kids got me hooked on Parks and Rec....silly show...

  24. I hope you enjoyed the facial! I've only ever had one once, and I loved it. And have fun with your in-between books break. I t's always so nice to have time to recharge your imagination. And to catch up on all the TV you miss while writing books.

  25. So relaxing to have a facial...and to have time with a friend...wonderful.

    Re: your comment about my link...the link seems to revert to an older one if you click on Patrica's Place but if you click on Today, I think it takes you to the current one. Been that way for a while. Weird. Whatever you want to do is ok with me. I like the weekly list because it is easier to visit the other blogs because all are current.

  26. Oh I love blog hops. Celebrating the small awesome things in life is great. Facials are nice and are friends. I guess my small happy thing is I've started a new blog. And I baked bread . . . That was an adventure.

  27. I've never had a facial, but it sounds so relaxing! :)

  28. Hi, yes you can replace my linky.thanks alot

    My Simple Joy

  29. That all sounds lovely- enjoy~

  30. Cathrina - ah I LOVE Parks and Rec ;) Thanks for your thoughts re list.

    Kate Larkindale - yes indeed, I love my TV Catch ups!

    Patricia- I've tried to fix so it just takes you to your blog in general - let me know if it doesn't work well/how you'd like?

    Jessica L. Celaya - a new blog and bread baking sounds fab!

    Jackie - it was!

    Michie Scott - done!

    Beverly Fox - thank you!

  31. There is very little on television that I enjoy anymore since History and Discovery are now crap fests, but Parks and Rec is a pretty funny show.

  32. Elliot - Parks and Rec makes me giggle!


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