Wednesday 7 August 2013

IWSG and What's Up Wednesday

Two aims to my post today; it is Insecure Writers Support Group time and What's up Wednesday.

IWSG wise, I am insecure about time (again). I am posting this from my phone as I didn't have time to sit at my computer. I am slowly learning that sometimes, something has to give. At the moment that's the time I have for blogging. But I strive for balance, to achieve the pockets of time I want for everything... How do you do it?

Time for What's up Wednesday.

...reading: The Sound by Sarah Alderson. It's about a girl who nannies in America for the summer and falls foul of a serial killer. Am enjoying, her writing is pacey.

...writing: my edits! Though I am pretty much done, slightly ahead of my plan yay!

...feeling inspired by: my real life writers group. We met this week and it always inspires me to crack on.

...what else: the gym! Trying to get fit, but it feels like a struggle.

Ok, am going to post and come back later and tidy up if I've done this badly on the phone!!


  1. I was just commenting on another blog that there just aren't enough hours in the day. So I just try to take it day by day, and remember that it's okay to take breaks. And eat ice-cream.

  2. It's an age old problem isn't it, time? Or usually lack of it to do all we want to! I know I struggle with it continually. Taking blogging breaks is fine I'm planning a couple of short ones myself over the next month or so.

  3. Time is a funny thing - either too much or (usually) not nearly enough. I'm backing down on blogging for awhile, simply to keep myself sane. It hurts (I really love this community), but there's more important things at the moment. And I love Cynthia's tip: ice-cream is always good!

  4. Time always seems to be slipping away from us. That nanny adventure sounds great, glad you're ahead on editing and that you're inspired.

  5. Time is a struggle for me at the moment too, I'm just not finding the time to write. I need to learn to use my time more wisely.

  6. I finally conluded that I *HAVE* to get up a half hour early to write and nothing else. You can see how well I'm doing: I'm checking others' blog.
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  7. Wow, you sound busy. That's tough to navigate. I schedule writing time. Without a schedule, for me, it doesn't happen. Happy IWSG!

  8. Yes, I absolutely agree, sometimes something has to give. And it's hard to know for sure which to let go. Good luck staying on top of it all.

  9. Maintaining balance is, in itself, a balancing act. ;) I've also learned that some things have to give.

  10. I hear you on 'something has to give'. Sometimes, yes. Balance is necessary.

    Getting fit is a struggle. Wishing you success with all your goals.

  11. Today is a very unbalanced day for me, but i always expect it.
    Sometimes we do need to cut back in certain areas. Maybe not completely, but to manageable levels.

  12. Cynthia - breaks and ice cream! They sound good to me!

    Suzanne - exactly, lack of time to do everything wanted! Sometimes breaks are needed for a refresh!

    T. Drecker - sometimes one has to prioritise different things, I completely get that. And sometimes stepping back can help you see what's awesome when you return!

    Sheena-kay - thank you :)

    Laura - it is hard to fit everything in/plan I find

    Diana - gosh you are good planning on getting up early!

    MollyMom1037 - scheduling sounds good! Happy IWSG

    Rena- thank you, I need it!

    Nicole - yes it's a juggling/balancing/keeping balls in the air type act isn't it!

    M Pax - getting fit is a slow process it feels!

    Alex - yes I think the 'manageable levels' is key

  13. I know what you mean about having to prioritize and how blogging kind of slides down that list. For now I'm just doing my What's Up Wednesday posts, but I'm hoping I'll have more time in the fall to do other ones too. Congrats on finishing your edits. That's huge! :-)

  14. Okay, as someone who is a nanny, I reckon I'll be giving that book a miss ^^;;;;

    Good luck at the gym! I've just started swimming and while it's still a struggle, it's already getting easier. Keep going :D

  15. Time seems to be a common theme this month at IWSG. There never seems to be enough of it! I could use a few clones...

  16. Finding time to get everything done can definately be a challenge. Despite your rushed phone post, it sounds like you're doing a decent job of doing it all. :)

  17. I hear you on the balance thing. I'm not very good with it either! My son is watching SpongeBob as I type this - trying to steal moments when I can. :) Good luck!

  18. Jaime - yes the fall may bring more time for me too! We'll see.

    Miss Cole - ha ha yes don't read it!!

    Emma - oh gosh me too! Several clones!

    Kate - I try!

    Alison - well done on stealing those moments!

  19. Oh gawd, yes, I know exactly where you're coming from. Reading blogs is what suffers when I'm pushed for time *sighs*

    If you find an answer let me know ;)


  20. Vikki - I'll definitely let you know if I do!


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