Friday 24 January 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - 24 Jan edition

Greetings and time for another Celebrate the Small Things!

This is where we celebrate the small things in life, from a yummy cup of tea to a successful chapter written.

The rules are simple: post and celebrate, and do sign up on the linky and celebrate with others.

My celebrations this week: I did have a nice afternoon tea with my friend ;)
Getting to the end of a busy week, feeling like I have achieved something.
Reaching the end of a set of edits.

How about you? Here's the linky:


  1. Nothing like finishing a round of edits!

  2. Yay for that round of edits! I have to get my butt in gear and finish mine…oh, and starting it first might help lol. Enjoy your weekend and glad you had that nice tea with your friend ;)

  3. Reaching the end of your edits is a true celebration to me. Especially when I'm battling that right now!! Have a good weekend.

  4. Glad you had a nice tea, =). That's great that you're reaching the end of some edits, always a wonderful feeling!

  5. Surviving busy weeks sure can make you feel good! Glad you enjoyed tea with your friend and got your edits done.

  6. Yes, this week seemed to really drag for me. So glad it's the weekend! And congrats on getting those edits done! :)

  7. Congrats on the edits. There's nothing like feeling you've accomplished a lot during the week!

  8. Hooray for finishing edits! Glad you had a nice tea with your friend :)

  9. Woohoo... reaching the end of a set of edits is a great thing to celebrate...well done.

  10. Alex - thanks it was satisfying!

    SK - good luck with your edits!

    Suzanne Furness = thanks :)

    Cathrina Constantine - good luck with yours!

    Mere Joyce - I am pleased to get to the end of a set!

    M. J. Joachim - thank you!

    J.A. Ward - it was a long January week!

    Nicole - thank you!

    Lara Lacombe - it was yum thank you!

    T.F. Walsh - thanks!

  11. Yay for the enjoyable afternoon tea with friends and for getting to the end of a round of edits! Keep going - you can do it! :)

  12. Hi, ditto to what Lexa said. That is exactly what I was going to type. Thanks for hosting this wonderful link up too.

  13. Hoorary for reaching the end of the editing round, that has to feel good. Hope you've had a great weekend.

  14. Good job on knocking out the edits! I just stumbled on here and, being a writer myself, I think I might want to look into this Blog Hop idea. Sounds like it could be fun. ;)

  15. so you finished some edits! awesome!
    i know the feeling!
    hey! and you finished critting a book for a friend, too!!!
    happy monday!

  16. Three great things to celebrate. Small yet very important.

  17. Well done! I do hate edits. Seems all I do on occasion. X

  18. Lexa Cain - thank you!

    Mary Hill - thank you so for commenting!

    Julie Flanders - I did thanks!

    Rob McBeth- you would be v. welcome to join! :)

    Tara Tyler- finished critting an ACE book for a friend ;)

    cleemckenzie - indeed!

    Chris - thank you for commenting!

    Shah Wharton - they seem to take their time don't they!


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