Friday, 28 February 2014

Celebrate The Small Things: 28 February edition

Hello everyone!

Time to Celebrate The Small Things once more! This is such a simple blog hop: post your celebrations for the week, sign up on the linky, and hop around and celebrate with others!

This week I am celebrating:

  • The man in the coffee shop who didn't charge me for my replacement tea when I knocked over the one I bought two minutes before.
  • Someone at work telling me 'well done' on a project - nice to hear, and for people to take the time to say it.
  • Chocolate. I have needed it this week!

Here's the linky. Tell me what you are celebrating!


  1. Congrats on your "well Done " .Also its nice to hear that your coffee was replaced.Have a great weekend :)

  2. It's lovely when someone is kind enough to give you a compliment on your efforts, and also a very nice gesture when the person replaced your tea. good things to celebrate for sure. Happy weekend.

  3. I always keep a bag of dark chocolate near. A piece a day keeps the blues away.

  4. Chocolate is always worth celebrating, =). Congrats on getting recognition at work, and that's sweet that you got a replacement tea for free. Have a great weekend!

  5. It's always nice to know your work is appreciated. Mmm chocolate :)

  6. Chocolate and a well done pat on the back can make a person's whole week!!

  7. The coffee guy is paying it forward and that's so cool. Enjoy the chocolate, as if I have to tell you.

  8. Chocolate is on my list too this week! It's always nice to receive a 'well done' happy Friday.

  9. These are all great reasons to celebrate! It's great that you got a free replacement drink. Not everyone would be so nice. Someone ahead of me in the Starbucks drivethru paid for my coffee a couple of weeks ago. That made my day!

  10. A smiling compliment, a kindness - and chocolate. Celebrations, indeed! Thank you for thinking of this and keeping it going so ably.
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  11. Definitely nice to hear "well done." Hope you have a good weekend!

  12. How nice about the replacement for your spilled tea. And yay for gratitude on a job well done, and double yay for chocolate! Where would we be without it?? LOL

  13. Alex - yes it was nice of him ;)

    Anoosha - thank you, you too!

    Deanie - have a happy weekend!

    shelly - ooh a piece of dark chocolate, now I'm salivating.

    Mere Joyce - the free tea was nice of him!

    Laura Clipson - it is!

    Cathrina Constantine - can't it?!

    Nana Prah - yes, paying it forward! Was so nice of him.

    Suzanne Furness - happy friday!

    L.G. Keltner - ooh that's nice! That would have made my day too!

    Diana Wilder - thank you for joining in!

    Julie Flanders - you too!

    Lexa Cain - I don't know where we'd be!

  14. Glad you got an extra tea and chocolate.

  15. Yay for tea and chocolate!!

  16. Rhonda + Beverly -thank you!


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