Friday 26 September 2014

Celebrate The Small Things - 26 September

We are Celebrating the Small Things again today! How are we nearly in October - HOW? Am I the only one who isn't sure where time goes?

This blog hop is very easy - just post a celebration, however small or big, in your blog. Sign up on the linky, and hop around and celebrate with others.

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I have had a wee list tidy. Just to say any spam/advertising links will be whipped off, please do keep it to celebrations!

This week I am celebrating...

  • Time with my nieces
  • My brother taught me how to solve a RUBIX CUBE. Yes apparently it is the 1980s. But still I am excited.
  • Have discovered an app where you can play scrabble. Discovered I am rubbish at scrabble.
How about all of you? Would love to hear what you are celebrating...

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  1. I've still yet to discover the trick to Rubix Cube. I know there's a trick to it as my boyfriend figured it out, but I don't now if I want to know as I enjoy working things out - or at least trying to :P. I will have to look for that app. I use to like scrabble, although I'm probably also terrible at it.

  2. My son has gotten the Rubix Cube out; it celebrated it's heyday before his time and he is determined to master it. It was an ingenious invention.

  3. I still don't know how to fix a Rubix Cube...

  4. Your celebrations made me laugh. The Rubix cube...ah, I remember taking those things apart, just to put it back together in the right order...that's how you solve them, right? ;)

  5. Could never get that Rubix cube right. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I'd be thrilled to be able to solve a Rubik's Cube! I'm back from my vacay and posted last week and this week. Thanks so much for leaving me on the list. :)

  7. I've never been able to solve a Rubik's Cube, probably because I just don't have the patience to sit there and try.

  8. Nieces are so much fun! And Rubik's Cube . . . yikes. I never solved that thing. It just became a dusty part of my closet in the 80s. Way to go for solving it!
    Scrabble is only good when I can actually pick up tiles and move them around with my hands . . . don't like the apps - that's when it gets too clever for me.

  9. I've never tried to solve the Rubik's Cube . . . because I know once I start I'm not giving up until I do. And who would feed the kids? Although now that I know there are tricks and tips I might try it soon lol

  10. Wow, you solved the Cube? I've only ever been able to solve one side. I love Scrabble. I'll have to check that out.

  11. I haven't played with a Rubix Cube in years!

  12. I thought I signed up for this hop. Maybe I forgot to, I haven't been keeping up a lot lately. Just keep practicing with your scrabble app. I think solving a rubix cube is awesome. Nice that you got to spend time with your nieces.

  13. So glad you had time with your little nieces. I haven't figured out the Rubics Cube yet so you're way ahead of me on that one. You should be proud to have mastered it.
    Have a great weekend,.

  14. Thanks everyone for the comments, I haven't played with a Rubiks for years either - or I hadn't anyway!

    Sheena: apologies I did a big tidy and may have accidentally deleted do just add yourself back on!

    The scrabble app is WORDFEUD or something for those interested! :)


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