Friday 15 February 2013

Celebrate Small Things... 15 Feb



Full info here but in short the rules are:

Sign up on the linky list (below), post the small things you are celebrating in your blog, and then hop around and say 'hurrah' to others and join their celebrations.

Please do try and visit at least a few other blogs and offer congratulations if you can.

My celebrations for this week are:

I have reached a few days off, and work has been busy so the rest will be welcome!

A yummy Mexican dinner. Hurrah for quesadilla!

The lovely flowers + chocs I got for V Day. Yes it's all a card company exercise in making money, but they were still v. nice to receive.

All of YOU.

What are you celebrating? Would anybody be into tweeting small celebratory things if I thought up a hashtag?


  1. Days off are always nice! Yummy, quesadillas! Vday was good and chocolates are always a nice touch! I appreciate you and this Meme too VikLit!

  2. Yes, hurrah for quesadillas, enchiladas, sopes, tamales hahahaha. Enjoy your days off! :)

  3. i hate that i cant eat all the chocolate i want! but then it lasts longrt =)
    happy <3 week!

  4. I could do with a few days off, but I have no holiday hours left until April! Oh well, I'll have to book some time off then.
    Mmm chocolates are always a good gift, my boyfriend bought me a pizza takeaway, which was also good!
    And I would tweet :)

  5. Oh, chocolates. I stuffed my face with them yesterday. Nom nom nom. And Mexican food for dinner? Sounds like a good start to the weekend.

    I'd be up for tweeting, too. I'm trying to start using twitter -- this would be a great way to do so.

  6. Yay for days off, quesadillas, and chocolate! Enjoy the rest ;)

    Tweeting celebratory stuff? I'm in!

  7. Flowers, chocolates and Mexican food...sounds good to me! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

  8. I'm ridiculously jealous of your quesadillas! In Egypt, I can find Chinese restaurants, Indian, and plenty of Italian, but no Mexican ones. I miss quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and tacos! Have a lot for me, will you? :-)

  9. I love getting the chocolates. :) Happy few days off!

  10. Flower and chocolates never get old for me :) And enjoy the rest!! :)

  11. I love getting really sweet cards on Valentine's Day. They're almost better than birthday cards in my book! Enjoy your break. That is no Small Thing.

  12. Dani - the quesadillas were YUM! I appreciate you all joining in!

    Alex - time off is to be celebrated!

    Al - hee a great list of mexican food and I celebrate it all!

    Tara - I too wish I could eat all the choc I want ;)

    Laura - the time off in April will be all the sweeter when it comes. And hurrah that you'd tweet, thank you!

    Nickie - yay that you'd like to tweet, I'll think of a hashtag!

    S.K. - hurrah that you'd tweet, I'll put thinking cap on and think of a hashtag!

    M. J. - thank you, you have a good weekend too!

    Lexa - I ate a lot, just for you you understand ;)

    M Pax - thank you, I am glad of the time off!

    Lara - thanks, I will!

    JA - hee, me neither!

    C. Lee - a break is worth celebrating for sure!

  13. Mmmm...quesadillas. Yum! Glad you enjoyed valentine's day. Now enjoy that time off. :)

  14. Your idea is catching on! Such a wonderful way to remember how truly blessed we are!

  15. i love mexican food! well, all food really, but living in texas near the mexican border for learn to LOVE mexican food


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