Friday 8 February 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 8/Feb

It's that time again, yes time to CELEBRATE THE SMALL THINGS.

The instructions are simple. Full info here but in short:

Sign up on the linky list (below), post what small things you are celebrating in your blog, and hop around and say 'YAY' 'WOO' to others and join their celebrations.

Please do try and visit at least a few other blogs and offer congratulations if you can.

My celebrations for this week are:

  • Dinner out with friends - yummy Thai :)
  • Made it through a few more chapters of line edits!
  • I got the blow up bed back in its box after the boyf's bro stayed over. THIS IS TO CELEBRATE. They never squish back down the same!

What are you celebrating this week?!?! Please visit peeps on the linky. *HUGS YOU ALL.


  1. Congrats on the line edits!

    I hear you about the blow up bed thing. Last summer I had a terrible time getting the kids' new paddling pool up, but it was even harder squashing it back in its box. :P

  2. Wow, you must be amazing to accomplish that blow-up bed thing. Seriously, I'd give up. And congrats on the line edits!

  3. I've never tried Thai food before... it should be a must.
    Good job on the edits. And I would be way too lazy to try for that bed. Great job!

  4. Thai food, line edits and a blow up bed... 3 totally different but equally interesting things to celebrate!
    Well done Vik!

  5. hahaha, you are right with those beds. Congratulations on your editing. :)

  6. inflata beds! ah! that is a feat! and yay for line edits! tediousness!

  7. Good for you for making it through more line edits. That sounds tedious. And I know exactly what you mean about those inflatable beds. We bought one recently and it came with a loose drawstring bag to put it into, which means there's room to work with. :)

  8. I'm not sure getting that blow up bed back into the box is a small thing!

  9. Yay for the line editing... wanna do mine? lol
    I hear ya on those blow up beds! I've been known to give up and leave half in-half out. Not proud.

  10. GOOOO line edits!! And congrats on the blow up bed and making me laugh - cuz picturing anyone trying to do that is so funny :)

  11. JA - Ha ha happy to make you laugh!

    Tammy - am up for Thai! :)

    SK - they are HOPELESS to get back in the box!

    C. Lee - LOL it didn't feel small at the time!

    Alex - Thai is the BEST

    Jaime - you were wise to buy one with a loose bag to go back in!

    Tara - it IS a feat!

    Al - they are difficult! :)

    Michelle - I guess they are very different! :)

    Dani - definitely rec trying out Thai! Yummy!

    T. - ha, I had to persevere ;)

    Nick - going back in the box is the hardest bit!

    Thanks all for the comments.

  12. Nothing ever squishes back the same after it's been taken out of the package. It's always a feat worth celebrating!

  13. Hi there. Sorry to bother you but I've been told my URL on your
    "Celebrating Small Things" bloghop is incorrect. I have tried to remedy the situation but to no avail. Would you please remove my blog (I had a little nut-tree...) for now and I will sign up again, when I have a Friday post for your hop. I couldn't find your email so thought to just send it in the comment section.
    Many thanks and sorry for the administrative B.S.
    ~Just Jill

    1. Jill - have done so. I think there was a , in there rather than a dot if that helps!

  14. I agree! They never squish back down right. I love the little celebrations posts - they really are a bright spot.

    #IWSG Member

  15. We never get the blow up bed back in the box. We usually toss it in the garage in a wadded up ball.

  16. Majik - thank you so much, I am glad you like them!

    Stephen - ah ha ha, fair enough, sometimes they JUST WONT GO

  17. LOL LOL. I doubt I ever would have gotten the blow up bed back in the box. That kind of thing is always certain to send me over the edge.

    You've made me hungry for Thai food now, yum! Have a great weekend!

  18. Funny! Like repacking a tent, it takes a talent! Hope you enjoy your dinner. Thai is always something to celebrate. :)

  19. I bow to your powers over the inflatable mattress! I can never get them to store properly--it's like a street map that never folds right again...

  20. haha...I never get those damn beds back in the box--I'm highly impressed!! I have also never tasted Thai's on my to do list! Have a great weekend. :)

  21. Your blow up bed goes back in the box? I didn't even think that was possible. Ours just gets folded and stuff into a closet space. Line edits are tough - congrats on making progress!!!

    1. I've seen this all everywhere, and as usual I'm the last one to sign on but, I made a resolution this year to do just that, celebrate the small things, be thankful for all things!

      Thanks, it's a great idea!

  22. Those blow-up beds are definitely worth celebrating, IF you can get them back in the box! I never can, and usually get someone else to do it for me. Today I'm celebrating finishing up this blog hop...nice party, Vik. I'm enjoying it a lot! Thanks:)

  23. Julie - go get Thai :)

    Nancy - argh just like a tent! Both difficult.

    Lara - street map is a great analogy, it's JUST like that!

    Tamara - I definitely rec Thai food, it's yum!

    Tyrean - lol they are SO HARD to get back in the box!

    Yolanda - thank you for signing up, I hope you enjoy!

    MJ - thank you for joining in and hopping! :)


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