Wednesday 20 February 2013

Useful Links: Writer Diaries + UK/US Querying


I have a few links you might find interesting today.

First off, The Writer Diaries, the awesome blog I am part of, is giving away a query + first 10 page crit. This is the chance to get several great pairs of eyes over your work, so go here and enter.

Secondly we are discussing the worst/best writing advice you've ever been given. Would love to hear your thoughts here. What intrigues me about this discussion is that I think it shows that not all advice fits everyone. What works for one doesn't work for another, you know? It's about finding your own path.

And third, Simon has written an incredibly useful post on UK vs. US cover letters here (which is the difference between a UK Cover and a US Query letter. If you are thinking of querying in both countries, read it. If you are UK based and all you find is US based advice, read it. I found it a very useful summary. Obviously, you have to check the instructions with the agent you are querying, but I think it's helpful.

Also, as a UK person, when I first saw all these online contests I did notice how it is often US style querying to enter, which as somebody writing UK cover letters threw me.

I hope you find those useful!


  1. I visited Simon's blog, there is indeed some useful pointers here. It can be confusing, especially to new writers, to understand the different processes involved in submitting.

    Thanks for highlighting this info.

  2. I never knew there was so much difference between a US query letter and a UK query letter. Crazy.

  3. Interesting differences between the query approaches.

  4. I never thought of UK versus US. I'll have to follow the link. ...though I tend to be neither fish nor fowl, having a foot on either side. Again - lots of interesting information to savor!

  5. They are all very interesting subjects. I realized not long ago that some things may work for some writers but not for others and it was kind of relieving.

  6. thats some great stuff! nice to learn how others do things!

  7. Great post, as always. I've hopped over to The Writer Diaries to add my twopennorth. Worst advice: write what you know. I reckon you should go where your imagination takes you - you can always do some research later to flesh out the details. Best advice: read 'Stein On Writing'.

  8. Great links! I agree about advice not suiting everyone - part of the problem with this type of advice on the internet is that it has to be general. But I guess that's why we have faster connections these days!
    Have a great weekend. :-)

  9. Suzanne - glad you found it useful, I thought his post a v. good one.

    Rena - I know, right, there's quite a bit of difference. I thought it useful to see.

    Nicole - I thought so, very good to know too!

    Diana - I hope you find it useful, I did!

    Al - it is def. a relief to think sometimes you just have to follow your own path.

    Tara - I thought it was v. interesting!

    Julia - I will look up that book, thanks!

    Kay - it def. doesn't suit everyone, you have to think about what works for you don't you!

    Thanks all for commenting.


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