Friday 10 May 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: 10 May

Greetings friends and once again we are Celebrating The Small Things of the week!

Celebrate the pipe being fixed, the sun coming out, the cup of tea just when you needed it, the chapter falling into place and anything else you fancy. The rules are so simple I barely need to explain:

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Hop round other people and say YAY THAT'S FAB. This is quite a crucial bit actually. Because other people's small things make me smile. That sounded weird but you know what I mean. I love reading everybody's small things.

There's an animal web cam with brand new puppies on.SEE HERE
I had a nice glass of rose wine with a friend and fun chat hearing all about her new lovely sounding boyfriend It's Friday. 'nuff said.

 Here's the list! Go visit people!


  1. Delightful puppies, delicious rose' wine (I had a nonagenarian friend - bless her! - who always said, smiling at a glass of rose' wine, "I used to have a dress this color!" I imagine she looked pretty in it, too!) Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Trying to sucker me into watching puppies all day, aren't you?

  3. Definitely, 'nuff' said! Going to check out the puppies then must get on with some editing!

  4. I've already gotten distracted, like, three times this morning. If I go watch those puppies...oh, I know I'm going to, so why fight it. :)

  5. I like the sound of the rose' wine... sweet rose'...

  6. Aww those puppies are adorable! Bless :)

  7. Puppies and wine - perfect! (Just not together ;) )

  8. Who can resist puppies?

    And yay for Friday!

  9. Wish they were cats but puppies are cute. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Those puppies are adorable! Poor mama dog looks tired :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Awww puppies! too cute ;)

    Friday? YES!!!!
    Glad you got to catch up with your friend and enjoyed that glass of wine. Enjoy the weekend!

  12. Oh my gosh, a puppy web cam is the best thing ever. Happy Friday!

  13. That is definitely nuff said! Friends, wine and Friday. :) Writer’s Mark

  14. awesome puppy watching. Whoo hoo! for catching up with friends and having wine.

  15. I love reading the lists, too. I think people's little triumphs make me even happier than big ones. Simple pleasures are wonderful. I'm glad you got a chance to connect with a friend and grin at puppy antics. And TGIF!! :-)

  16. Yay, VikLit, it is fab!
    Good list-especially the glass of wine and cup of tea (in that order)...
    Now, must watch the puppies since (a) my last blog post was "Authors and their dogs," and (b) I just celebrated today that I have conquered my fear of dogs.
    We understand that visiting everyone, every time can get a little overwhelming. Still, we are always glad when you do stop by.

  17. I want to celebrate your tiny boobies in your girl graphic at the top because they made me laugh. :D Oh, and puppies... :)

  18. I want to celebrate that I just realized that I'm following you on Twitter (now will notice if you appear in my stream):

    I am here:

    That's a small revelation with big implications! We are already connected and didn't know it!

  19. Aw, cute! Still enjoying this bloghop. Just wish I had time to get round everyone.

  20. The puppies made my two year olds morning! He is all giggles and smiles :)

  21. "Puppies...why did it have to be puppies!" :)

  22. Dani - me too! :)

    Diana - oh bless her! I imagine she did, how cute ;)

    Alex - sure am! Can't be the only one spending all day distracted...

    Suzanne - hope editing goes ok!

    Madeline - heh!

    michelle- ;) I love a rose wine

    Laura - AREN'T THEY!

    T. - heh no not together!

    Ink in the Book - yay!

    Mama - nobody!

    Sheena-kay - there's a kitten link if you look at the squares at the bottom of the puppy cam ;)

    Lara - doesn't she just!

    S.K. - you too!

    Julie - isn't it?!

    Nancy - :)

    Printed - I love puppy watching!

    Lexa - TGIF indeed!

    Inge - celebrating conquering a fear of dogs is a good one, I hope you enjoy the puppies then!

  23. Friday is great. Happy Friday to you too.

  24. Gio welcome

    Julie - glad you are enjoying

    Sarah - AW that comment made MY morning! ;)

    DL - heh!

  25. Aww, puppies. I've been enjoying your Friday celebrations :)

  26. Friday,friends,conversation, of reasons to celebrate!

  27. M Pax - happy to hear it ;)
    Patricia - indeed!

  28. I just found out about Celebrate the Small things yesterday and became #68 on your list. It just so happens that I was working on a list of nominees for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award when I came across your blog and that particular hop! I added you to my nomination list and can't wait for Friday!

    Cheers from Brandy at

  29. Brandy - thank you so much! Welcome!


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