Friday 17 May 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 17 May

Welcome to another weekly edition of 'Celebrate the Small Things'. Please welcome your host...oh hang on. This is the weekly celebration of the small things in life. The welcome cup of tea. The flower blooming in your garden.

The instructions are simple: Sign up on the list, post a celebration, hop around and congratulate others and say YAY and be gleeful.

I have had a crazy busy week (hence no reminder email - sorry!) so my celebrations are:

  • My colleague bringing me a cup of tea when I was too busy to make my own
  • The fact I now have a few days off with my boyfriend
  • Looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow
  • My tomato plants growing well- not long to tomatoes!

How about you?

Remember to hop around the list!


  1. Go tomatoes! I hope they get big and fat and round and juicy :)

  2. I'm so behind from working lots of overtime. I haven't planted any tomatoes yet. I like to use them for homemade salsa, though, so I need to get to it. Glad yours are going!

  3. Bom chicka wow wow....just kidding, have fun with your boyfriend and the lie in. You have a nice college and yay for tomatoes. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Oh, my... I am now celebrating the thought of fresh, home-grown tomatoes...

    I'm glad days off are here and you can relax!

  5. Tea is always a reason to celebrate! And a few extra hours of sleep is always welcome too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Writer In Transit

  6. That tea thing is great. I have a co-worker who always cares for me, too, and I don't know what I'd do without him!

  7. Mmm tomatoes, I love home-grown ones :)

  8. My husband just bought tomato plants yesterday. I'm kind of excited about it because we've never had them before! :-)

    Enjoy your nice long weekend, Vik. Hope it's sunny and gorgeous and totally relaxing!

  9. mmm, tomatoes. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and its always wonderful when someone cares enough to bring us tea when we need it most!

  10. My husband loves a good tomato sandwich. Me, I need some mozzarella and basil to go with it. :) I'm looking forward to the weekend, too - a swim in the pool, some takeout Thai and hopefully a good DVD/movie. :)

  11. I'm looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow too!

    I'm rubbish at growing things so I'm jealous about your tomato plant.

  12. Enjoy the days with your boyfriend.
    And sorry I forgot this week! I blame the blogfest.

  13. Happy Friday, Vik! Enjoy your weekend and have a great, fantastic Friday!

  14. Enjoy the days with your boyfriend! And fresh tomatoes are wonderful!

  15. It's always awesome to have a few days off to spend with your significant other, enjoy!
    And it must be said: Yay for great colleagues and fresh growing tomatoes :D

  16. I love an unexpected offer of tea or coffee - always makes my day better. Hope you have a great weekend. :-)

  17. Yay for flourishing tomato plants, tea you didn't make (things always taste better when someone else makes them!), and for some free time with your BF! :-)

  18. Yay for almost fresh tomatoes!

  19. Those are all lovely things. Have a great weekend with the man! Fresh tomatoes are the best.

  20. Yay to some time off. Relax and breathe and be happy :)

  21. Enjoy your restful weekend! :)

  22. Your blog hop is catching on!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Being served and having a lazy day watching tomatoes grow... a wonderful weekend planned. Writer’s Mark

  24. A nice cup of tea from a colleague is always a bonus. My old work colleagues always did that - it was nice. And sometimes much needed.

    Have a great weekend.

  25. Yum! Fresh tomatoes are delicious :D

  26. Your celebration is way too cool! Glad you got a few days off:)

  27. T. Drecker - thanks, me too!

    ~Charity~ - eee, I want to make salsa too! ;)

    Sheena-kay - thank you, I had a good week, hope you did!

    Diana - yum tomatoes! :)

    michelle - extra sleep is ALWAYS welcome ;)

    randi - I certainly am v. grateful!

    Laura - me too!

    Jaime - ooh good luck growing them!

    Sarah - it is! :)

    Madeline - ooh that sounds like a lovely weekend, hope you enjoyed!

    Mama - lie ins are the best :)

    Alex - no worries :)

    Ink - thank you ;)

    Tyrean - they are ;)

    S.K. - I've had a nice time! :)

    Kirsten - unexpected tea is always welcome!

    Lexa - time with the BF was nice ;)

    Brandy - yay indeed :)

    M Pax - thank you!

    J.A. - I had a good few days!

    Lara - thanks I did!

    Yolanda - aw it's nice that some people join in! I get so excited at the sign ups! :)

    Nancy - thank you!

    Printed - tea is v. welcome!

    Rebeccah - they are!

    M. J. - I enjoyed them!


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