Friday 3 May 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 3 May

Welcome to another Celebrate the Small Things!

How are we all? Is everyone who did the A-Z recovered yet?

I am hoping to be back in the swing of things next week - I might go down to posting twice a week Monday and Friday while I get back into things.
I'll start sending 'Celebrate' reminders out if those are useful for people.

And onto 'Celebrate the Small Things'. The rules are simple:
Sign up on the linky list. Post 'Small Things' you'd like to celebrate (anything you like). Comment on other people's posts. Feel joyful!

 My Celebrations for the week:
I had nice nights out involving Mexican and Thai food. Yum!
I had a very busy work/life week (I haven't had a chance to respond to the comments on my IWSG post it's been so mad) but it is a three day weekend here so I am celebrating the extra day off!

A nice cup of tea of a tired today when you are struggling through the week. How about you? Hop around and see what people are celebrating!


  1. Always nice to celebrate tasty food! I'm celebrating the long weekend too. The forecast is looking good. YAY!

  2. Thai food IS delicious!
    I'm celebrating the nominees from my A to Z competition...

    Writer In Transit

  3. Sounds like you had an overall great week! Don't worry, you'll catch up!

  4. Love Thai food! Will probably have some this weekend. :)

  5. I'm so behind on replying to my comments, it's unbelievable. I'll get there in the end :) Enjoy the long weekend!

  6. I love Mexican and Thai food! I'm sure people will cut you some slack after the whole A-Z extravaganza - that was one long marathon, and you need a few days to recover. Have a lovely weekend. :-)

  7. Thai food is always awesome!
    And I'm back to posting my small things. Just had to get through the Challenge insanity.

  8. Eating out is nice, and although I love A to Z, I'm glad we're beyond the finish.
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  9. Going out to eat is always great! Enjoy your much needed rest and days off ;)

  10. Enjoy your long weekend! And good for you for getting all the way through A to Z. That's quite the challenge! :-)

  11. I've never tried Thai food, but Mexican food is one of my faves.
    Longer weekends are the best!

  12. A night out with good food is always a cause of celebration.

  13. It's been a busy time to say the least. I don't think anyone can expect that people involved with the AtoZ Challenge could keep up with everything and be ready to go full blast right away. Of course, I need to remind myself of this!

    Enjoy your time off and recuperate wholly! Writer’s Mark

  14. long weekend is always a good celebration.

  15. I'm still in a fog after the AtoZ,but that's diminishing gradually. Here's to more small things to celebrate.

  16. Enjoy your extra day this weekend! :)

  17. The reminders were extremely useful to me and actually saved me from missing to post a couple of times. Mexican food is awesome, hahaha. What can I say?
    Enjoy your extra day off. You deserve it!

  18. Mexican food is definitely worth a small celebration. It's even great to celebrate something else!

  19. Nothing like good food to put you in a stellar mood! And I absolutely adore 3 day weekends. There is just something about that one extra day that really makes you feel renewed. Enjoy your day off!!

  20. Awww Vik, I've been neglecting you! D:

    I'm glad its Celebration time---because I'm celebrating finally having the time to catch up on some up my fave reading!!

  21. Hope you enjoy your long weekend. :-)

  22. Suzanne - sunshine at last ;)
    Michelle - LOVE THAI!
    Dani - trying to do some catch up now ;)
    Madeline- YUM to Thai!
    Laura- I know me too!

    Lexa - I do need a brain break ;)
    Alex - thank you for joining in celebrations ;)
    Tyrean - yes it was a lot of fun but it's kinda nice to be done too
    S.K. - thank you, I look forward to the extra day tomorrow!

    Jaime - thank you, it was fun but it's nice to be done!

    Jackie- Thai is YUM I recommend it!

    Mama - it is!
    Nancy - thank you, I look forward to the extra day off! A to Z was busy wasn't it!

    Printed - I think so ;)
    C. Lee - indeed. *raises glass*
    Lara - thanks!
    Al - I might do reminders then cheers ;)
    Cathy - Mexican food is YUM
    J.A. - thank you, I am looking forward to it!

    randi l - catching up on reading is GREAT!
    Allison - isn't it!

    Misha - thank you!

  23. Yummy! Hope you enjoy your three days off!

  24. Yep, I feel it too - 'tis the season to slow down with posting. Mexican and Thai. Wow! That is worth celebrating :) Enjoy your days off!

  25. Thank you, it's nice to have a rest :)


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