Friday 7 June 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: June 7

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Welcome to Celebrate The Small Things! We are in JUNE people. JUNE. How exciting is that?

Celebrate The Small Things is simple:
  1. Sign up on the list
  2. Post some small celebrations - you fixed the drawer! You ate five fruit/veg today! You didn't shout at your grouchy neighbour! Or whatever ;)
  3. Hop around and celebrate with others. This bit is important too. It's nice to share the warm and fuzzies ;)
Now - I have cut people off the list. Eep! Only sites I thought weren't really joining in and if I have cut you and you want to stay: just add yourself back on and accept my embarrassed sorry face as recompense.

What am I celebrating this week, you may ask? Well:

  • It's been sunny. Proper drag out that summer dress sunny. Wonders will never cease.
  • The Hen (that's bachelorette) do last weekend was fun. My friend had a good time!
  • We have 12 tomatoes growing. Yellow cherry tomatoes.
  • The Osprey on this cam's eggs have hatched: See link here. Not that I am obsessed with animal cams or anything.

How about you? What are YOU celebrating?


  1. Yummy yellow tomatoes :D And yes! Sunshine finally. Definitely worth celebrating after the weather we've had recently :/

  2. Sunshine is always a great reason to celebrate! I can never get enough of it!
    Writer In Transit

  3. Sunny weather is so worth celebrating! I love it outside right now :)

  4. Yay for sunny weather, time with friends and yummy tomatoes!
    FYI, I don't know how I got knocked off the list but I added myself back on because I've been posting and commenting every week and plan to continue to do so.
    Happy Friday!

    1. Oh, and no worries about the accidental delete- it was an easy fix!

  5. Glad the tomatoes are growing!
    I spaced on the Celebrating today, but I am happy I finally remembered I was supposed to have a guest post. (Even though my post had already gone live.)

  6. Yay for fun, sun, yellow tomatoes and all good things!

  7. I'm celebrating that we only got brushed by Tropical Storm Andrea and didn't get much damage. Oh, and that my novel seems to be coming along (Sssh! Fingers crossed! Don't jinx it!) :)

  8. We've had gorgeous weather for the past few days. It's been nice to go out without a winter coat for a change!

  9. Oh how fun, I love animal cams! Now I'll be checking on those osprey all the time LOL. Happy weekend and happy summer to you. :)

  10. The weather here has been great too, I need to go and buy some new summer clothes!

  11. We have some tomatoes growing too. Can't wait until they're ready to eat! And we just had a couple of lovely days. I'm really enjoying the sun. :)

  12. Yay for tomatoes and good weather. My list includes the new Teen Wolf and an ebook I won. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Its pouring here on and off so I'll celebrate the sunny weather with you!

  14. I love fresh garden tomatoes--enjoy them! :)

  15. I thought the list looked shorter...yea for yellow cherry tomatoes! Happy weekend to you! :)

  16. Over the past couple of years my tomatoes have tanked. No tomatoes this year, sad. It was fun picking my own from the garden, oh well. Have a nice weekend.

  17. The sun has been shining all week! Definitely time for summer dresses x

  18. Your top celebration and mine are the same! Yay for Mr. Golden Sun!

    I'm sure it was tough, but good job on the cut. I makes it easier for those of us who are taking part and wanting to comment on others who are actually participating. Kudos!

  19. I wish I had planted tomatoes this year. I kept trying, but never found the time, sigh. Cool animal cam. I could become obsessed, too.

  20. Rebeccah - I know I finally feel like it might be summer!

    michelle - sunshine just makes everything cheerier!

    J. A. - it's so NICE out there!

    Beverly - yay for sun! Sorry again about the list thing ;)

    Alex J - yay to remembering the guest post. I don't know how you keep track of it all!

    Tyrean - fun and sun indeed!

    Madeline - oh GOSH I am glad you didn't get hit too bad and YAY on the novel going well!

    Mama - oh gosh hasn't it! My winter coat wanted its summer hibernation!

    Julie - I am OBSESSED with the baby osprey!

    Suzanne - ah summer! :)

    Jaime - ooh well congrats on your tomatoes!

    Sheena-kay - I might check out teen wolf ;)

    S.K. - sorry you've got rain!

    Lara - thank you!


    Cathrina- I am sorry your tomatoes aren't working out!

    Heather - it's lovely to be able to get some wear out of the dresses

    Brandy- the sun is a good celebration ;)

    Scribbles - I love the animal cam!

  21. So glad you're celebrating today. The tomato story reminds me of the time my dad decided to grow tomatoes. The problem was, he never told mom about his new project. Anyway, he faithfully watered his plants and even talked to them. But mom came along and thought the pots were had only dirt in them so she dumped them out, poor things.

  22. There are two osprey nests on the way out to the observatory. Haven't noted any bird this year yet. If I do, I'll stop.

    Mmm, tomatoes. We had to put the A/C in this week. Early for these parts.

  23. Everyone seems to be celebrating the warm weather, and that's good. Hope you looked cute in your summer dress.

  24. That nest doesn't look very comfy - or stable: and that beak!

  25. The small things I'm enjoying right now are sun, good food and the company of my cat.

  26. The weather's been lovely here this week, not so much today though! I hope the sun comes back soon!

  27. Sunshine and Tomatoes totally worth celebrating - I have been sitting in the garden being unproductive - but soaking up some rays.

  28. It's been sunny here too! Yay!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  29. great fun celebrations!
    sun is number one!
    a hen do? ha!! thats so great! (you know, it inspires me to ask you to write a collaboration of a us girl's visit to london!)
    my son got tomato seeds at end of school & planted them and they're sprouting =)
    and my mom watches an eagle cam =) they are so cute!

  30. Sunshine and warm weather are great reasons to celebrate!

  31. Deanie - I love the story about your Dad's tomatoes! Aw!

    M Pax - ooh let me know if you see any Osprey!!

    Nana - I like to think I looked cute :) Who knows...

    Julia - I know! It's right on the edge isn't it? You do get the odd glimpse of baby osprey tho!

    Vanessa - that sounds lovely!

    Laura - we have kind of lost the sun too :(

    Printed Portal- soaking up rays is great!

    Allison - yay to sun!

    Tara - I'd love to do a collab ;)

    Ooh link the eagle cam ;)

    Nicole - they are ;)



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