Wednesday 5 June 2013

IWSG: June Edition

It is that time of the month again, when the IWSG meet, thanks to our fine host Alex J. Cavanaugh (He's like Michael J. Fox with the mystery J isn't he? Or perhaps it isn't a mystery to anybody but me. Anyway.). Check out the list of blogs participating here. With many thanks to Alex for running this and setting this up - I don't know about anybody else but it's good to have a monthly opportunity to feel free to let ones insecurities loose.

This month, I had to dig out some old photos for a friend. Among those was a photo from my university days (which are *cough* a few years ago now....). One photo was from a party. I remember at this party feeling out of sorts - you know, when your hair's too frizzy to do what you want and there's a spot on your chin and you try and flirt with a guy and feel just awkward doing it and generally all those insecurities of 'I suck' rise to the fore.

In the photo: I am grinning away with my arms slung around my friends, my hair looking GREAT if I say so myself with not a spot in sight. In fact, I remember now I DID score a date with the guy in question (not that it went anywhere).

How weird, I thought to myself that my memories from the time are so at odds with the photo, as I look back at it. My insecurities at the time were all entirely in my head. I can only see that now, with time and being older and wiser I guess.

I'm not sure what the purpose of this story was. I guess to say: those insecurities might not be founded. Time will likely work it out.

Ever had a similar revelation upon seeing a photo?


  1. Everything sorts itself out with the passage of time and retrospect. That's why I don't worry and fret now because I know it will.

  2. It's amazing how things look a few years later. So many things work themselves out with time.

  3. I think you nailed it. What seems like a big deal now won't mean anything a year from now.
    And do you really want to know what the J stands for or should I keep it a secret?

  4. Totally agree with that one. Or you might've thought you were the bomb and look back at the pictures and...well, let's just leave it at that. lol.

  5. I've had a similar experience with an old photo. I looked so happy in it and remember being a mess of anxiety at the time. Still am most of the time, LOL, but at least I'm learning to try not to fret about everything under the sun.

  6. This is so true, so many times I've worried about things and then felt silly about it later.

  7. That's the absolute truth there. It took a long time before I realized how much of that stuff was just in my head. Like I'd think people didn't like me, but really they were just too self absorbed to even notice me. I wish I'd figured that out when I was in highschool or college.

  8. Great post! I think you're so right about these kinds of insecurities and how looked at with some distance they don't appear nearly so bad as we thought they were in the moment. Now, if only I could remind myself of this from time to time. :)

  9. It's all about perspective!

  10. Very true... time does work things out. We just have to keep on going and when we look back we'll realize how silly we really were ;)

    (Yay for scoring that date back then! lol)

  11. Head trash can really mess with us at times...

  12. Insecurities are just that, from inside ourselves. Funny how hindsight is 20/20.

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    IWSG Co-host

  13. J.L. - you are so right to. I wish I could always remember same!

    T. - don't they just!

    Alex J. - I kind of like it being a MYSTERY J. We could all have a contest to guess what it stands for ;)

    E. - ha ha ha I have TOTALLY done that too!

    Julie - it's def. a learning process!

    Laura- hard to stop oneself at the time though!

    Rena - that's SO True. I would absolutely have a lot to say to my teen self about that!

    Jaime - it's the remembering it part that's hard!

    Lara - absolutely

    S.K. - ha! Pity he turned out to be not for me, but hey!

    M. J. - can't it though!

    Sheena-kay - why do we do it to ourselves!

  14. Looking back on how stupid we were can be fun sometimes, right? I think I'm soooo much wiser now, and then I do something stupid again. Oh well, such is the life of being human :)


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