Friday 30 August 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - 30 August

Greetings Celebrationistas! Time for our weekly Celebrations!

You all know the rules by now ;) Sign up, post a Celebration, however small, and then hop around and celebrate!

Let me know what you have to celebrate this week! I love hearing people's good news and happy thoughts ;)

My celebrations are:

  • Day off today to see my small nieces, ah. I do love seeing them!
  • Weekend then off to rest - I've been so busy lately so that's nice ;)
  • Only two trips to the gym...but that's not bad!
  • The colour teal. I just love it. I'd have a teal house if I could!

What are you celebrating?


  1. I hope you and your nieces have an awesome time. Congrats on the gym trips, and you're right, teal is a cool color! :-)

  2. Have a lovely time with your nieces. I'm afraid I can't join you in your appreciation of the color teal. My high school uniform was teal and having to wear that every day has ruined the color for me forever.

  3. Teal is a beautiful colour... and complementary... it can be matched with lots of other colours!
    Two gym trips is better than nothing! You go!
    Enjoy time out with your nieces... sounds delightful Vik!
    Writer In Transit

  4. I love spending time with my niece as well. She's a very cool kid.

    Enjoy your time with them!

  5. A day off is always good as is the color teal. I am enjoying participating in your hop. Thanks.

    Rhonda @Laugh Quotes

  6. Two trips is better than none at all!

  7. Two trips is good! Nieces are wonderful, and teal is beautiful!
    Happy Weekend!

  8. A day off is the best! Have a great weekend with your nieces.

  9. A weekend to rest is important! I know I need this three day weekend.

  10. Enjoy your restful weekend, just got back from my holiday so trying to get back into things today. How can we make so much washing in a week?!

  11. Teal is a beautiful color. Enjoy your nieces.

  12. So happy you're having fun with your little nieces! And taking time to rest as well. Two trips to the gym is a good record, something to celebrate for sure. Have a great week!

  13. yay for long weekends and wonderful colors like teal!

  14. I'd never thought of having a teal house before, but it just might work! Enjoy our time with those nieces.

  15. Teal is a lovely colour, and it would make for a most interesting house! Great celebrations, enjoy the weekend, =)

  16. Love the color teal!

    Enjoy your time with your nieces and your weekend off. Rest up :D

  17. Sounds like you had a good day off. Hope you enjoy the weekend too!

  18. Nice that you saw your nieces and have the weekend off.

  19. Have a fun week-end with your nieces...maybe buy something teal.


  20. Lexa Cain - I love a bit of teal ;)

    Kate Larkindale - I understand that school uniform makes one hate a colour!

    michelle - thank you, I had fun with my nieces!

    M.J. Fifield - thank you, I did!

    Rhonda - glad you enjoy it, thank you for joining in!

    Laura - that's true!

    Tyrean Martinson - it's better than none it's true!

    Cathrina Constantine - love a day off!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - hurrah to 3 day weekends!

    Suzanne Furness - I have no idea how laundry just APPEARS but it does!

    Nana Prah - thank you, we had a nice time

    Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - two trips isn't bad!

    Beverly Fox - I love me some teal!

    cleemckenziebooks- if I buy many more teal house accessories it might be a teal house!

    Mere Joyce - thank you!

    S.K. Anthony - Me TOO

    Lara Lacombe - it was fun!

    Sheena-kay Graham - I love catching up with them!

    Patricia - ooh I could have! I missed a trick there.

  21. The color teal was my wedding colors. Good Choice!
    Enjoy your time off!

  22. Hope you're enjoying your weekend and family! Teal, similar to aquamarine, is nice. :) Writer’s Mark

  23. Now I kind of want a teal house. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  24. aww spending time with the nieces and resting are great things to celebrate! Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Two trips to the gym is great. I've missed my last three yoga classes, which means it's going to be hard to go on Tuesday :-(


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