Monday 21 January 2013

Do you keep a diary? Is that your blog?

This weekend a group blog I am part of launched called: The Writer Diaries.

I join a group of awesome ladies - all far more fabulous than I - and am excited to be part of it. Please do check it out, and let us know what you think. We aim to share our innermost thoughts on the journey to publication, we write for a mixture of age groups, and would love you to come join us.

There are several group blogs around, all of which perform a wonderful function and all I hope is that people will add us to their visits and that we can find our own wee niche.

Being part of this has made me wonder: do you keep a diary? Do you consider your blog your diary? Do you have a 'private' blog where you record your thoughts? I read lately that 83% of today's teenagers still keep a paper diary. I find that fascinating, because I'm sure if most of us were writing a 'diary style' book we might wonder if that should be a blog. But people still keep private thoughts, private.

So I ask you: do you keep a diary? Is your blog enough of an outlet?

I don't keep any sort of diary or journal. I'd like to, but between blogging/tweeting/facebooking/writing I don't know how I'd find the time.

Would love to know what you think. Would also love to know what you make of The Writer Diaries - anything you'd particularly like to see?


  1. I don't keep a diary - I haven't since I was a kid. My blog serves as a place to track my writing journey. :D

  2. I kinda have a bullet-point rundown of events in my life if people want a biography or something, but no real journal. The blog is the next best thing, but it covers my interests and writing journey more than anything. :)

  3. I'm with you. I'd like to keep a diary, but blogging, tweeting, etc., keeps me too busy. I'd have to agree, my blog is the next best thing.

  4. I need to journal more. I'm so bad at it. I'm checking out the link now!

  5. The only diary I've ever kept was a travel one.

  6. I have never kept a diary. There were a couple of pathetic attempts (as in, one entry), but I never took to it. I think I felt kind of weird recording my thoughts on paper. My blog is maybe a bit of a diary, but mostly it's just a way to connect with other writers and readers. :)

    P.S. Looking forward to following The Writer Diaries!

  7. No diary for me. I tried when I was younger, but the habit never stuck. I suppose my blog could be considered a diary of sorts, but I definitely don't share uber-personal stuff, since once it's out there in the ether of the internet, I can't control who sees it or where it goes...

  8. I have a diary I started when I was pregnant with my first kid. (I have four now.) I think I write in it once every thirteen months or so. :P (Although I wrote in it a lot more before I had the baby! Imagine that.) ;)

  9. I do keep a diary, an actual paper diary. After all, you can't burn a blog...

  10. Hmm, nope, no diary. I don't have the time to keep it up.

  11. no diary...but my mc has one, does that count??? :D

  12. While I never meant it to, my blog has become like a diary in many ways. Initially I tried to stay away from personal posts - now those are my favorites to write. Love the new site! What a great theme for a group blog!

  13. i kept diaries since I was ten but I haven't kept one in about 5 years. Life just got too busy! :)

  14. tried it at different stages, only lasted a couple of days...this is it!

  15. I have kept multiple forms of a journal before but ever since I seriously considered writing, my "blog" has kind of been my journal. I know that it really only covers one aspect of my life but it is a fairly large aspect and sometimes other little pieces of my life sneak into it! I also like to think that when I write, I am also documenting parts of my life as well because, even though it turns out to be fiction, all fiction has to be based off of some feeling or experience and I hope that parts of me are buried in my stories and that I can easily identify them when I read them over again after a long period of time :)

  16. Thanks for the link to The Writers Diaries Vikki, I've subscribed :)


  17. I call them journals, but yeah sure--they're diaries! I love my paper journals, have cabinets full of them and will never, ever stop! Love em too much. Spend a lot of time transposing what I write to the computer, but idc...that's just how my creative juices flow!

  18. Kyra - absolutely I think my blog is my place to keep track too!

    David - yes I am the same, it's not really a diary but it's where I talk about interests etc.

    Jenn - there isn't enough time in the day is there for everything! Tis nice to have a blog tho'

    Emily - thank you, hope you like the link!

    Alex - ah I kept a travel one too! (Online.) I loved doing it, it's part of what made me decide to blog.

    Jaime - thank you, hope you like The Writer Diaries!

    Lara - yes agreed, being as I don't know who is reading or where my words may go, I wouldn't have it be super personal online...

    Rachel - how nice that you have a record of having your children, even if entries dropped off once they were born hee, it's nice to have that record!

    Rena - ha, interesting point! I guess you can delete a blog but it's not quite the same...!

    Nicole - yes it would be hard to keep it up with everything else going on I think

    Tammy - absolutely counts ;)

    Kimberly - thanks, hope you like the group blog. I like reading people's personal posts! :)

    PK - yes funny how as we get older we have less time ;)

    Tara - ha ha yes I have never really lasted tooo long though I have enjoyed re reading bits of ones I did manage to keep

    J.A. - agreed I think documenting your writing is an important part to be diarising and keeping track of. Am sure there's lots of yourself in your stories.

    Vikki - thank you for subscribing!

    Randi - ooh interesting, and you type them up? That's commitment!!

  19. That's amazing that so many teens still keep a diary. I wish I had mine still. I have no idea what happened to them. I kept them from thirteen until 17.

    I write in journals when I'm trying to cope with something. One day I'll use some of my angst in a YA. I was able to recover (of an old computer from college) a piece I wrote about the first time I met my dad after about 15 years.


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