Wednesday 16 January 2013

News & Help & YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday

Before I start YA Highway for this week, a quick piece of news and plea for help:

I have been asked to join a LOVELY bunch of ladies contributing to a blog about writing called The Writer Diaries (also tweeting here). It's not YA specific in case you are wondering, it's a group of fantastic ladies (I am by far the LEAST AWESOME of the AWESOME on offer) hoping to bring fresh ideas and some writerly secrets to the table.

It launches this Saturday so PLEASE come visit us / promote us - help us out ;)

Onto YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday where the topic is: 

Imagine you get to open your own bookstore. What would it look like? What kinds of books would you sell?

Awesome question. Mine would have wooden bookshelves and comfy sofas. There would be a tea shop. People would be encouraged to browse, to sit and read, to put their feed up with a piece of cake and cup of tea. Experts in the genre would be available to help advise people, a walking talking 'if you bought ___ you'd like ____'. I'd sell all kinds of books, but of course have a great YA section.

 I'd have a 'bookswap' section where people could bring and leave a book. I'd run a book club.

I'd encourage people to write reviews on cards and leave them by books. I'd want people to chat about books. I want this bookshop now!

In the meantime, I'm making a tea and putting my feet up. Cheers!

What does your bookshop look like?


  1. Awesome bookstore, Vik! I have to say, mine would be very similar. I think the only thing I would add is an open mic. section where people can read their poetry and work and gain a little notice :)

  2. I like the idea of having "genre experts" on hand to advise patrons. Nice idea, Vikki! :)

  3. I agree with Colin—having experts in a particular genre around to answer questions is such a good idea. I like the sounds of this book shop. :)

  4. Randi - thank you ;) Open mic is a great addition, love it!

    Colin - thank you ;)

    Jaime - thanks, I kind of want to open it now!

  5. Sounds awesome! :) I would love to go there!!

  6. Someone else said hers would be all science fiction - I think that would be mine as well. With Quark's bar, of course.

  7. Fantastic! I will pop by on saturday!

    I love the idea of a bookswap in a bookshop. I used to kind of do that in our local charity shop it was fabulous!


  8. Awesome!I'd love to visit your bookstore someday!
    I love the opportunities it provides for readers to work with each other and build friendships through our favorite introverted pastime. :)

  9. Can you give me directions please? I want to go there. I like the bookswap idea. Very cool. The only thing I'd add is a coffee bar to the tea shop so people can choose either.

  10. Fun! I've always wanted my own bookstore. I think I drew a picture of it once. :)

  11. that sounds like a wonderful opportunity!
    and i want to go to your book store & join your book club! let me know when it opens!

  12. Oh, I really like your idea of leaving reviews by the books. How fun would that be? Whenever I'm flipping through the bookstore I have a hard time picking books out. Reviews on the shelf would be nice.

  13. love the idea of bookswapping and leaving reviews for books - fantastic idea! now if i only knew anything about running a business...

  14. Alyssa - thank you ;)

    Alex - Love a sci fi shop!

    Mia - hee, thank you, see you there!

    Meghan - hee, yes our introverted pasttime leads to friendships doesn't it! :)

    Charity - agreed, tea shop can be added to the coffee shop

    Nicole - Fun! I love that you drew a pic ;)

    Tara - You'll be first on the invite list.

    Nickie - I love reviews! Would be so helpful!

    Valerie - thank you ;) I kind of want to run it now

  15. Hello there, you have been nominated for the Liebster Award! You can find out more on my blog here


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