Wednesday 23 January 2013

YA Highway: Funny Business

Hello! Today am posting for YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday.

The question is: who is your favorite comedian or funny book and/or movie?

I found this difficult. I clearly don't read enough comedy and so I ask you to rec me a funny book! For my part I think Meg Cabot and Kiersten White are people who write with a lovely, light touch and with humour present. My friend Ellie Phillips genuinely makes me giggle too and has a brilliant writing style.

Otherwise, I struggle to think. Please do rec me!

For my part, comedians I like include Eddie Izzard - I've seen him live and he was very funny. 

I went to see Chris Addison and he was also brilliant. The first part of his set was 'up to date' comedy - it was around the time the Chilean Miners were being rescued and he did a whole bit on them. I was impressed that he'd obviously had to come up with it quite quickly.

I'm going to go for a TV Show rather than a movie and say I love the stylings of The Big Bang Theory. It genuinely makes me laugh out loud and I think Jim Parsons deserves all the plaudits he gets.

I am now going to search out some comedy! What do you find funny?


  1. I like the Big Bang Theory too. They are great.

  2. I don't really read enough comedy either. I ended up having to go with a book that had some laugh out loud moments in it, but probably wouldn't be considered straight-up comedy. And The Big Bang Theory totally cracks me up too, but Modern Family more so. :)

  3. Big Bang is one of my faves too! Nerd humor makes me giggle every time.

  4. The Big Bang Theory is funny, but I don't watch it often. I don't read much comedy, either. As far as comedians go, I like Bill Engvall and Jeff Dunham. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was funny. My favorite comedian actor is probably Adam Sandler.

  5. Yeah, I don't read/watch that much comedy either. I do watch Psych, which cracks me up, and How I Met Your Mother, which also has some great funny moments.

  6. Al - Love Big Bang :) So awesome!

    Jaime - ooh Modern Family, I might have to check that out.


    Charity - It's funny I can't think of much comedy that I've read though I'm sure I'd like to. Interesting!

    Nicole - ooh Psych and HIMYM are great choices. I love Shawn and Gus!

    Thanks for commenting everyone ;)

  7. I can't believe I forgot about Meg Cabot and Kiersten White! Both faves of mine for funny books.

    I also mentioned The Big Bang Theory- soooo funny!

  8. i think big bang is a big crowd pleaser! you did well!

  9. Books? Probably the most consistently humorous author I know of is Terry Pratchett. Have you read any of his work? His DISCWORLD books are fantasy stories that take a satirical jab at our world and culture. If you like Monty Python and Douglas Adams, you'd enjoy Pratchett.

  10. My favorite comedian is Brian Regan. He makes our entire family laugh over and over again. As for books, Richard Peck is good at making me laugh.

  11. I love Eddie Izzard!His sketch with the Death Star is hilarious. My husband and I do this all the time at dinner. I'll be serving food, and say "You'll need a tray."

    "Did you dry these in a rainforest?"

    lololol Great choices.

  12. I loved the Bridget Jones books, and Ellen Degeneres' standup Here and Now made me silent laugh it was that funny. There is a lot on TV right now by way of comedy. New Girl, Parks and Rec, Episodes (a little raunchy, but hilarious). I always go back to Arrested Development. I am realizing now that I may need to add to my own post...

  13. Favorite comedian right now - Jim Gaffigan. Favorite funny movie always - Blazing Saddles.

  14. BIG BANG THEORY is one of the few comedies I watch, and it's always funny. Sheldon and Amy have to be the most bizarre couple on television. I don't really read any straight up comedy, but I love it when there's humor sprinkled into just about any story.

  15. I love Meg Cabot! I've read a couple of her books and I loved them!! :)

  16. I love the Big Bang Theory! When I need a little laugh in my life, I know I need to watch a little Big Bang

  17. You should check out Jim Gaffigan (comedian) husband and I have seen him live 3 times now and he always makes me laugh until I have tears and my stomach hurts haha - so he is pretty good. He also just released a book I believe if you want to go the book route :)

  18. J.A. - ooh I will look him up, thanks ;)

    Aubrey - am exactly the same, it always makes me smile!

    Alyssa - glad you love her too! She's awesome!

    Erin - exactly, it's always funny. I never fail to smile - especially at Sheldon!

    Alex - another vote for Jim Caffigan, I'll check him out ;)

    Rebekah - Bridget Jones does make me laugh. I think Parks and Rec is coming to UK TV and I'm excited to check it out when it does!

    Nickie - ah ha ha ha you just made me smile. He is AWESOME.

    Jenn - ooh I'll look up Brian Regan ;)

    Colin - I have never read Pratchett you know and I think I would definitely enjoy him.

    Tara - Big Bang is a good pick ; )

    Melanie - hee, Big Bang is a popular choice! :)

    Thanks all for commenting!


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