Monday 7 January 2013

New Blog Schedule incl. Plugging You and Celebrations

Hello Dear Peoples of the Internet.

As part of my blogging this year, I want to keep to a regular schedule. I will know when I'm posting, and hopefully people will know when to visit.

The aim therefore, will be as follows:

Monday: Chit Chat about Writing (including WriteMotivation in months where I have time to join in).
Wednesday: BlogHop posts for IWSG, YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday and other bloghops which happen. Also joining in other people's launches etc.
Friday: Celebrate the Small Things Blog Hop: Weekly, launching this Friday) and thanks to those who voted.

I hope these posts feel like things people will read, and I hope they prove useful/interesting. This won't be a strict schedule - if an ace bloghop happens on a Monday obviously I'll join in that, and there may be some Wednesdays where I am not able to join in anything. However, I will keep to it as much as I can!

For the Wednesday bloghop, I like joining in IWSG and YA Highway, so will endeavour to do that but also: if you, dear reader, have a book launch, or new blog launch, or blog tour, or cover reveal, let me know. Even if it doesn't quite fit in with my Wednesday schedule I'd be happy to move that post for the week to help plug! Just drop me a comment and we can organise.

I hope this will be interesting for people to read, I'm excited to get started! I have seen people discussing their word for 2013 and mine is 'positivity'. I blogged about positivity for IWSG this week (here) and decided that will be my word of this year! Let me know yours.

Anyway I choose to be positive that this will be a good blogging year!


  1. Good luck with your new schedule, sounds great!

  2. great to see you settle on a schedule, and you can always change it as needed! looking forward to the new segments!

  3. Happy New Year! I must check out the YA Highway blog hop. I also LOVE your idea for celebrating the small things!

  4. Have fun with your new blog schedule, Vik!

  5. I like your schedule and desire to uplift others!

  6. Positivity is a great word choice! Looking forward to your celebration posts.

  7. That looks like a good schedule. I can't keep them to save my life, so I'm always envious of those who can.

  8. All of these sounds great. And a schedule can really help. Now I just need to stick to mine. LOL. Here's to the New Year!

  9. Sounds like an AWESOME blog schedule! Expect me to be here! :)

  10. I bet your positive attitude pays off!

  11. Looking forward to celebrating the small things. Here's to acorns and oaks!

  12. Awesome! Already my new schedule is opening up new opportunities for my time, even if it looks like I'm spending more time blogging. Now I know when to tune in to your place. Onward and upward! :)

  13. David - Glad the schedule will be helpful ;)

    julia - acorns and oaks is a great way of putting it!

    Nicole - thank you I hope so!

    Livia - thank you for visiting!
    Jenny - hee, me too, now I just have to stick to it!
    Rena - thank you!
    Suzanne - thanks so much hope you like them!
    Alex - I hope I do manage to be uplifting ;)
    Colin - thank you!
    Kimberly - do check out ya highway they are fun!
    Tara -Thank you ;)
    Kyra - thanks!

  14. I'm sure it will be a great year! Schedules are great, but yeah, keep them flexible. Never know what will come up!

  15. My word for the year is patience. I've finally learned (at age 39) that doing something right means taking the right amount a time, and patience is key.

    Positivity is equally important!! Here's to patience and positivity!


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