Wednesday 9 January 2013

RT Wednesday: Goals for 2013

Today I am joining in Road Trip Wednesday over at The topic is: 

What are your goals for the new year---for reading, writing, or other?

My goal and word for the year is positivity. I refuse to sweat the small stuff.

My goals writing wise are to finish the revisions on this WIP and complete my draft/WIP of my YA Contemp + 1 other draft. We'll see how I go there. I usually write YA but I have an idea for an adult thriller which I may have to try and plan or draft at some point. We'll see. I want to focus on the YA in progress first.

I read quite a bit last year, so I want to carry on doing that.

How about you? What are your goals?


  1. Positivity is probably my number one goal too! Good luck with all your plans! :D

  2. I'm completely with you on "I usually write... but I have an idea for..." Vik (sorry, calling you VikLit sounds so impersonal--do you prefer Vik or Viki or something else?). You have to go with the story that's burning in your heart and consuming your every thought. There's just no sense to digging your heels in and saying "I write YA and nothing else" when the best story idea you have, and the story idea that gets you excited the most, is not YA. I'm sure the YA community will forgive you. And they'll probably read your novel, too. :)

  3. Refusing to sweat the small stuff - that's got to be the coolest resolution I've heard all year! Best of luck to you. :)

  4. that's an awesome goal! I think everyone should put this on their list.

  5. I agree - trying not to sweat the small stuff. I listed some actual specifics on my blog, but the ones I really want to focus on are Keep Going (with writing, reading, blogging, querying) and Pray More (cause that never steers ya wrong). :)

  6. I could really use more positivity in my life. I stress the small stuff ALL the time. I want to adopt the word ROUTINE for 2013. I know that sounds bonkers, but I feel like I need to develop more healthy routines. I waste too much time, don't do things that I should be doing, and I think routine would help eliminate so much of this.

  7. Positivity is good!
    My goal is to survive another book release and decide between writing and music.

  8. Kyra - we'll be positive together :)

    Colin - hee, thanks for asking, Vik or Vikki is fine ;) - We'll see how my writing goes, would be nice to at least explore in a planning stage something else ;)

    David - here's hoping I manage not to sweat it! We'll see how I go!

    Jaime - I wish you luck with the routine, that sounds like a very good aim!

    Alex - good luck with your decision, that sounds like a big one!

  9. nicole - those sound like great goals, I wish you all the best with them!

    Prerna - thank you ;)

  10. Positivity is a good one. I'll steal that ;)

    Those other goals are great too. Good luck!

  11. Great goals!

    One of my goals is to tweet a positive message once a day. :)

    Happy 2013!

  12. Great goals, especially don't sweat the small stuff. Good luck!

  13. Good goals! Mine is to finish my WIP so I can send it to you! :)


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