Monday 28 January 2013

Re-Introduce Myself BlogHop

Today I am taking part in the Re-Introduce Myself Blogfest

Details and links of the other blogs taking part in the, well, link.

So. My name is Vikki.

Please allow me to (re-)introduce myself 
I'm a woman of (not much) wealth and (I’d like to think some) taste 
I've been around for (I’m not telling you how many) years
Stole (my boyfriend’s heart)
And I was round when …

Okay I can’t keep this up. Rolling Stones I salute you and your song lyrics.

How about...

I'm a writer, I'm a fish-keeper,
I'm a lover and I'm a bag buyer.
I write my words in the evening.....

This isn't working either. Steve Miller Band, I salute YOU.

I'm a Londoner, a thriller writer (mostly YA), a 9-5 worker. I enjoy Revenge and Supernatural and any TV Show with superpowers or aliens in it, pretty much. I'll be excited when the new Star Wars comes out, however foolish that may turn out to be. I like to chat about writing. I'm just getting into Twitter though I've been on it a while. I am part of the Writer Diaries.
This year I'm aiming to be positive. I'm Celebrating the Small Things on a Friday, because I think they're worth celebrating.
I like meeting new people, and getting to know more about those I do know, so please - re-introduce yourself in the comments!


  1. Nice to meet you, Londoner! Please visit us at

  2. Oh my! That was good! I was singing like there was no tomorrow. I also like aliens/sci-fi/paranormal... well you get the picture! I'm happy I stumbled uopn your blog a couple of weeks ago!

  3. I've joined the Celebrating Small Things too. Got to stay thankful and positive and this is a great way to cap off the week on a good note.

  4. Following the Stones is not an easy task!

  5. Writing songs is like the most difficult thing to do. I think Celebrating Small Things is great! Nice to meet you again, Vikki.

  6. Why helllooooooooooo Vik! You made quick work of the Stones and Steve-oh up there and I must admit I'm suitably impressed. Your blog header rocks, too. So in short, may I say it's lovely to meet you and best of luck with your writing. It's tough to work full time and write, I know! Keep up the great work and LOVE all the PINK round here!

  7. I'm kind of envious that you're a Londoner. Sadly, my dwelling place is a middling city in Alberta. O_o And I will also be happy when the new Star Wars movie comes out...assuming J.J. Abrams does mess it up. :)

  8. Funny post. I've done my share of lyric swapping and it's challenging. I'm celebrating small things on my blogging Fridays because they are worth celebrating.

  9. I love you for trying BOTH of those songs. You were doing quite well!

  10. Haha, I love your song attempts. Very fun post!
    I haven't heard of the Writer Diaries, now I'm curious. Great to meet you again! :)

  11. yay for vicki! nice attempt with the songs =)

  12. Hello!

    Nice to meet you, Vicki! You had me at Revenge and Supernatural. Plus I write YA and may have superpowers of my own. I'm glad I stopped by. I look forward to learning more about you and your writing. :)

  13. This was an awesome way to format your re-intro!

  14. Juliet - thank you, nice to meet you ;)

    Dani - very happy to have you around the place ;) Thanks for visiting!

    Stephen - thanks for running this blog fest and glad you'll enjoy celebrating the small things.

    Baygirl - boy, it certainly isn't!

    Al - nice to meet you again ;)

    Cathy - thank you, it's very nice to meet you! I tried my best with the songs!

    Jaime - fingers crossed the new Star Wars will be GOOD.

    Jenn - lyric swapping is HARD!!

    Krystal - thank you, you're too kind to me. I had to give up in the end ;)

    Julie - do check out the Writer Diaries, we'd love a visit!

    Tara - thank you!

    Celeste - Ah REVENGE I love it! Nice to meet you!

    Nicole - thank you!

  15. I was a huge Supernatural fan, too, but I haven't really gotten into this season so much. It seemed kind of soap-opera-ish. But I do love me some Winchesters, so I like to break out the re-runs. Are you a fan of Fringe? The series finale just ran recently, and I'm trying to console myself. There's not enough science fiction on TV.

  16. Nice to meet you! I think I'll be Celebrating the Small Things, too. Great idea! I'll wait and see how Star Wars does...

  17. Good to meet you! And thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I love that you write YA, because it's my favorite type of book. Well...aside from the Black Dagger Brotherhood, of course. ;)

  18. I love the same TV as you? Do you watch Haven? Great season ender.

  19. Good try, Vic!
    Let me try...
    A modern-day Ninja
    Mean mean stride
    Today's Captain Alex...
    Oh heck! Rush, I salute you!!

  20. Hehehe! It's great to get to know more about you. I love Supernatural. Awesome show.

  21. It was a really good try anyway! I've had Sympathy for the Devil in my head all day because of this blogfest. I don't watch Supernatural, but I love Revenge. That is MY specialty! And my motto: "The hell of revenge, the hope of redemption..."

  22. I love your entry and how you attempted to make it into lyrics! I've not watched Supernatural, but everyone says good things about it. I might have to start. :)

  23. I just started watching Supernatural! I'm in the second season.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  24. Nice to re-meet you Vikki.
    Celebrating The Small Things is an awesome and life-affirming exercise.
    The Writer Diaries? I'm off to check it out---------

  25. I love the songs you chose to mimic. I'll be humming them all day now, thank you. ;)

    Small things are exactly what we should celebrate more of. Makes life grand.

  26. Hi Vikki .. just up the road Londoner - I'm in Eastbourne - love the Stones too .. thrillers get too terrifying for me! I need gentle mysteries more ... but great post ... I'll join you with the Englishness - the genre .. not so keen ...

    Cheers from a wet seaside town .. Hilary

  27. Awesome way of introducing yourself! I love your celebrate the small things on Fridays, it's a great idea because there is always something to celebrate :)

  28. Didn't know you lived in London! Always cool to learn something new about people :)

  29. Hi, nice to meet you! Even though I've fallen behind on it, I LOVE Revenge. : ]

  30. Nickie - I agree Supernatural perhaps isn't the same for me as it was in the beginning but I do love it. Fringe I never quite started and intend to DVD it sometime! There are NOT enough science fiction progs on TV!

    Diana Wilder - Nice to meet you and do Celebrate the Small Things ;)

    Rachel - nice to meet you, and I enjoyed the visit ;)

    Susan Gourley/Kelley - Nooo I am missing a good show? I haven't watched Haven! YAY that we watch the same TV!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh- ah ha ha Alex, AWESOME!

    Christine Rains - Supernatural is ace! :)

    Nancy Thompson - thanks, I'm glad it was a good try ;) Revenge is GREAT isn't it. I do love it.

    Krista McLaughlin - I would definitely rec Supernatural!

    Livia Peterson - hee, thank you Livia!

    Allison - oooh SPN is good! Second season hotness for you! :)

    michelle - please do check out the writer diaries that'd be lovely! :)

    Pk Hrezo - happy to put the songs in your head!!

    Hilary Melton-Butcher - hello Eastbourner!! Happy to have another UK-er around! :)

    Laura - thank you, I find it helps me to think about the small things, I don't worry so much about the big things then!

    randi lee - it is, isn't it, I've enjoyed this blogfest for that!

    Kas - ooh catch up on Revenge so we can share the GLEE over it!

  31. Fun post! It's the second one I've seen to reference the Stones song. Don't see many YA thrillers about, so that's intriguing!

  32. HI, Vikki,

    Really nice to meet you. I LOVE that you want to celebrate the small things in life! WIth so much unhappiness in the world these days it is so needed to enjoy every little bit of joy that comes our way.

    I also like your sense of humor. That is SOOO needed by any writer.

    Looking forward to reading you work and getting to know you better.


  33. I love your aim to be positive! And although I've been making snide comments about Disney doing Star Wars, picturing Luke singing "A Whole New World", etc, I am looking forward to it too . . .it's hard to explain that combination of intense fandom and making fun of it all at the same time.
    Great re-introduction - like that you tried different things!

  34. ohhh, an evening writer, huh? that's when the words really come out to play!

  35. Tammy - definitely an evening writer. I admire people who get up at 5am to write but it doesn't work for me!

    Tyrean - ha ha Luke singing Whole New World! Now that's in my head ;)

    Michael - it is very nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting.

    Anthony - hello!

    Nick - couldn't resist the Stones ref.

  36. Hi Vikki, nice to meet you. I like your taste in music and TV shows, I also love anything supernatural. Yay, another UK blogger. I must check out the writer diaries.

  37. This was cute and creative! I love Supernatural, too.
    Nice to meet you. :D

  38. I love Supernatural and Revenge, too :) (and the rolling stones and steve miller band! yay!)

  39. Hysterical! I love your answers, including the flawed first attempts ;)

  40. Anstice - nice to meet you! UK Bloggers FTW :)

    Jackie - Supernatural is the best!

    Faith - you like everything I do! YAY!

    Jaxbee - hee, thank you. I tried!


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