Friday 15 March 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 15th March

Welcome to another edition of Celebrate the Small Things and for those joining in: I hope you are enjoying and finding this worthwhile. There isn't a pressure to join in every week, though I will try and do regular tidies of the linky and remove people who don't seem to join in often.

So! The rules are simple: Sign Up on the linky. Post something to celebrate. Hop around and send virtual hugs and congratulations to other people celebrating! Full details here.

My Celebrations this week:

The Veronica Mars movie getting funded on Kickstarter. I loved that show and am v. pleased. Hope it gets a UK release!

Pay Day - always a reason to celebrate!

Patience - you need it in this writing game. I'm learning to have it.

It's been an ordinary sort of week otherwise so have tried to take pleasure in the small things. A hot cup of tea. A nice night in front of the TV. Etc!

How about you?

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  1. Payday's always good and nothing wrong with a nice cup of tea. Off to put the kettle on now.

  2. A nice cup of tea while watching TV is one of my favorite things! Payday and patience? Both needed and are very great in MUCH different ways :D YAY to those!

  3. Veronica Mars . . .I remember that show. I haven't seen it in a long while. Pay day and tea . . .sounds good to me. Yay for those celebrations!

  4. I took the day off to catch up on rest (it's my first day off since ...well, I can't remember when!) So I'm celebrating the fact that it's 11:17 am and I'm still in my jam jams...with not plan to change!

  5. I am so excited about the Veronica Mars movie. I've been waiting for that thing for so long now! As for me, after a pile of rejections to my queries, I finally have a request. It could still end in rejection (I'm bracing for that), but it's still nice to know someone is at least interested. :)

  6. I'm drinking coffee rather than tea, but it's so good after being sick all week and not able to drink it!

    yay for the small things. It's what makes our life sunshiny and warm:)

  7. Payday and Patience. Lovely small things to celebrate.

  8. I saw all these FB posts and tweets about Veronica Mars, and it took me a while to put two and two together. I never really watched the show, but I would be curious to see the movie.

    And a good cup of hot tea is always a reason to celebrate!

  9. Payday is a great day to be all cheerful, hahahaha. All god reasons to smile, VikLit.

  10. Ooh, patience is a good one. ;)

  11. We definitely need patience in this writing game! All of this Veronica Mars talk makes me regret not watching it on its original run. I'm off to hunt it down on the Internet! And yes, payday is -always- a reason to celebrate!

  12. A hot cup of tea, always a good thing to celebrate! I have one waiting for me right now, it's very welcome after my long day at work :)

  13. Alex - payday is a good day ;)

    Suzanne - hope you enjoyed your tea!

    S.K. - indeed we do need both ;)

    Tyrean - a nice cup of tea goes a long way!

    randi - how nice to be in PJS ALL DAY! HURRAH

    Jaime - OMG YAY TO A REQUEST! That's a great thing to celebrate!

    Ink - YAY To coffee!!!

    C. Lee - thank you, both are pleasing me today!

    Nickie - I rec the show if you see it streaming anywhere, it's v. good!

    Al - thank you ;)

    Nicole - am not naturally patient so I have to celebrate it!

    Jessica H- def. hunt down Veronica Mars! It's great!

    Laura - how lovely to have a cuppa waiting for you - enjoy!

  14. Payday and patience - 2 of my favorite p words:) Have a great weekend, Vikki:)

  15. TV is good for the soul sometimes. :) Payday, good for the pocketbook for a while. Patience, always good for those who have contact with us. :) Have a great weekend.

  16. sounds like a great week!
    pass some patience over here please!

  17. I join you in your celebrations, the simpler the better -- a cup of tea!
    Patience is the hardest part of writing. My journey to signing a contract started Dec 31st(the first word received after submitting a full manuscript two months prior) and then it was hurry up and wait, and wait, and then hurry up and wait, and wait some more. Pulling out hair, biting nails, and panic that it would all somehow go south -- and now here I am, two contracts signed. Patience, not a virtue I possess, but -- taking a deep breath -- I made it! It does happen!

  18. Yay for getting paid!

    And you're right--one of life's simple pleasures is a steaming mug of tea and a good book.

  19. I read about the Veronica news and was amazed since I'd never heard of fans funding a movie before. Cool! Yay for payday and learning patience. I've kinda got patience down, it's staying determined in the face of boatloads of rejection that gets to me. :P
    I'm enjoying a night in front of the TV, too. :-)

  20. Kickstarter is brilliant! Always a great start for any project when ordinary people are willing to help fund it.
    Have a great weekend! :-)

  21. I have a friend who is trying to get crowdfunding for a film project (She is the producer.) Seems like a long slog.

  22. Can't argue with a nice cup of tea :)

  23. M. J. - thank you, hope your weekend was a good one too!

    Nancy - that is so true, patience good for those who have contact with us! Great way of putting it.

    Tara - *passes you some patience*

    Yolanda - hurry up and wait indeed! Glad you made it! :)

    Lara - a cuppa and a book is LOVELY.

    Lexa - staying determined is another difficult one! I wish you the determination you need!

    Kirsten - kickstarter is such a great idea!

    Julia- I wish your friend luck. Not an easy task.

    Printed Portal - indeed you can't :)


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