Friday 29 March 2013

Celebrate the Small Things - 29 March

Hello and welcome to another CELEBRATE THE SMALL THINGS.

The rules are simple: you post something small you'd like to celebrate - tidying that cupboard, finally getting to the gym. You join the linky list. You hop around other people's blogs and say YAY and CONGRATS and join in the happy feelings.

There's no set 'you must join in X often' for this, but I have done a tidy up today of the linky and removed blogs who didn't seem to have joined in at all. MANY apologies if I removed yours and you did intend joining in. Do add yourself on again and accept my apologies please. But hopefully I'll given it a tidy.


  • This week I am celebrating a nice night out with a friend where we had a free bottle of bubbly. (I must have put my birthday on a mailing list at some point, and their promise of free bubbly worked because in we went and spent money on food there.)
  • I also went to a work do which was fun and I enjoyed seeing workmates.
  • I received a rejection on my MS and I am very grateful for my writing group friends who cheered me up and told me to keep on keeping on ;)

What are you celebrating? As April is the A-Z Challenge, for the next month I am going to combine A-Z with my Celebrate posts, just to warn you.

Here's the linky to hop around!


  1. Belated happy birthday! Nothing like free bubbly.
    Sorry I forgot this week's Small Things, Vik. Been so busy with preparations for the Challenge it slipped my mind.

  2. Glad you have a writing group to help cheer you up in times of doubt, Vik. Just keep on truckin' that manuscript will get picked up!!

  3. Free bubbly always gets my seal of approval! Sorry about the rejection, it doesn't get any easier does it? Glad you had support to see you through. Take care :)

  4. Rejections are awful, but they're necessary to make us better writers :)

  5. It's always nice to focus on the small things, even if they are rejections.

  6. Yay for fun nights, and awesome writing friends! Rejection is no fun, but it can set us on a better path. Glad you had good friends to surround you!

  7. Rejections suck. Hang in there! :) We're all rooting for you. And how nice is free bubbly? Pretty awesome. Have a great weekend, Vikki! :D

  8. Yay for a great writing group to help cheer you up.. We all need rejections and writing friends to help make us better writers. And the free bubbly? Awesome!

  9. I got a rejection this week, too. It's one step closer to an acceptance.

  10. Alex - thank you and no worries, I forgot to send a reminder myself!

    randi - thank you randi, those are nice words!

    Suzanne - thank you and free bubbly helps!

    Laura - that is true!

    prerna - yes true!

    Tyrean - I hope to be on the better path soon !: )

    Jaime - thank you, happy weekend to you!

    S.K. Anthony - the bubbly was fun! :)

  11. Regina - yes that is how we must see it! We are one step closer!

  12. I'm sorry that you got a rejection. But it's great that you've got supportive people around you. And just remember, some of the greatest authors of our time received hundreds of rejections before getting published. I have to remind myself of that every time I get a "thanks but no thanks" letter.

  13. Yay for delicious bubbly moments!
    Hope you had a great b/day Vik.

  14. Sounds like you had the same sort of week I did - thank goodness for wonderful friends to share good news and bad news with. They're absolutely invaluable. :-)

  15. Friends go a long way, sorry about the MS but never stop trying.

  16. Free champagne? What could be better? :)

    Sorry to hear about your rejection, but I'm glad your writing group helped you put it in perspective.

  17. Sounds like quite a fun week to me! Yes... keep on kicking out those queries.

  18. Free drinks! That is a reason to celebrate.

    I'll add to the choir of encouragement. Rejection just means dust yourself off and try again.

  19. Rebeccah - thank you, I needed to hear that reminder.

    Michelle - thank you, I had a nice one.

    Lexa - we need them for the good and bad news don't we! Hugs.

    Sheena-kay - thank you, have sent out more queries so you never know!

    Lara - thanks, I do feel better about it now!

    Nancy LaRonda Johnson - thanks, have sent some queries out!

    Nickie - thank you, am trying to ;)


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