Friday 8 March 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: Fri 8th March

Greetings and celebratory salutations my friends, here we are again for another round of 'Celebrate The Small Things'.

The rules are quite simple. In fact they are not really rules. More guidelines. Full details here but in a nutshell: sign up on the linky, post your small things to celebrate, hop around blogs and celebrate with people: Woo! Yay! Go you! Etc. The celebrations can be anything you like: you tidied your sock drawer perhaps, or mastered the Rubix Cube.

My celebrations this week:

Finally kicking winter cold no. 452 which has been around for ages so starting to feel human.

Think we have found a plasterer to do our cupboard. Seriously, for some reason this has been difficult but hurrah! Somebody wants our business ;)

Dinner out (dimsum yum) with two friends, who have wee babies so it's not easy for us to get together.

How about you? What celebrations have you this week?

Here are all the celebrating participants:


  1. I've never tried dim sum, though I've thought about it.... maybe someday.
    Glad you got together with your friends! That's always so nice and needed, if even for a short time. :)

  2. Good friends are nice to see every once in while. Ugh colds. I chuckled at the number.

  3. Ahh I hate colds in winter, as soon as I get rid of one I seem to pick up another.

  4. You need to be cold-free for a while!

  5. Yay on finally kicking that dang cold and yay for finding time with friends! I know how hard that can be. Good luck with the remodeling.

  6. Yay for Celebrations! Yay for kicking that cold to the curb! Yay for dinner out with friends! Best wishes for your remodel!

  7. OMG, winter cold #452? I'm sure it feels that way. How many tissues have you gone through? Less time wiping your nose means more time to write. :-)

  8. Woohoo! for kicking that cold in its behind! I'm almost done kicking it, the coughing still hanging on a little but what can I do?

    Yay for finding a plasterer and dinner with friends ;) I need to do that too, my two wee kids like to keep me trap at home lol

  9. So happy about the defeated cold! And getting together with good friends that have wee ones is a triumph to celebrate. I hope it all goes well! (and thank you for coming up with is delightful blog hop. Counting my blessings is always a good exercise!)

  10. Glad you're feeling better! Have a good weekend!

  11. Congrats on defeating the cold! We've had illness floating around our house on and off for more than a month. My kids still have colds, but that's much better than they originally had.

    Dinner with friends is always reason to celebrate. Since I have kids, and my friends have kids too, it's very difficult to get together.

  12. At least it wasn't the flu! You have to think positive. Here's to continued good health from now on.

  13. Glad to hear you are over your cold. I've been fighting sinus issues for the past few weeks so I can relate. Here's to feeling much better!

    Enjoy your weekend. :)

  14. Jackie- I would rec dim sum, nice variety of wee bits to eat!

    Dani - seriously, that's how many colds it feels like ;)

    Laura - Me TOO argh it's like one big never ending cold!

    Alex - I so do!

    Jen - it was nice to fit in a wee bit of time with them ;)

    Tyrean - thank you, I am glad the cold is gone!

    Kim - it does feel like a lot and yes!! More time to write I hope!

    S.K. - I hope your cough goes soon!! And that you get a night out ;

    Diana - my pleasure to run the bloghop and see all your lovely posts!

    Lara - thank you! You too!

    L.G. - it is winter cold season isn't it? Hope your kids shift theirs!

    C. Lee- yes TRUE!

    Julie - here's to feeling better indeed! :)

  15. There have been so many coughs and colds around this year they seem to be going round in circles! Glad you are feeling better and managed to catch up with your friends.

  16. It's always fun to get together with old friends! And so glad health is improving at your house too:)

  17. This has fast become one of my favoriteblogging events! Thanks. So many things to celebrate and be thankful for.

  18. Mmm, dim sum. I love your weekly hop. Brilliance by you. :)

  19. Maybe the cold bugs just stay away from now on! Enjoy your quiet and dim sum. Boy, I've got to go to a nice dim sum restaurant again soon! It's been quite a while. Hope the plaster proves the mastery of his craft for you!

  20. Biggest achievement here is finding a plasterer! Years ago, when I wanted plumber to fit an outside tap, I managed to find one through word of mouth, but it was like contacting a spy. I wasn't allowed to have his phone number - I could only speak to him via a third party. He did a good job - and never sent me a bill.

  21. Glad to hear you're finally feeling better! Being sick stinks. I've had an unnatural run of no colds, and I'm bracing myself for when it finally ends.

    And good food with good company is always a reason to celebrate. I hope you're having a great weekend :)

  22. Awesome sauce on kicking the cold! I know when I get sick it's agony. Sadistic, is it....but I prefer physical pain to catching a cold!!!

  23. So glad to hear you beat the cold. :-)

  24. i got to celebrate more over the wknd w/ my oldest son's bday & middle son two wins to take championship! and my little guy is a joy all the time!

    have a super week!

  25. Eating out is a rare event for us, so that sounds good. "Yum" indeed! :)

  26. I'm celebrating my first round of completed edits on my latest WIP. ;)

  27. Suzanne - you are right it does feel v. circular! No sooner do I get rid of one cold then I get another!

    M. J. - it is fun seeing old friends ;)

    Stephen - thank you for taking part! :)

    M Pax - aw thank you for joining in!

    Nancy - thank you I hope the plasterer comes soon!

    Julia - like contacting a spy! That's a brilliant way of putting it!!! I am glad you never got a bill!

    Nickie -- thank you, I hope you had a lovely weekend!

    randi - colds are so energy sapping!

    Misha - thank you!

    Tara - lots of great family celebration for you!

    Nick - thank you, it was yum indeed ;)

    Nicole- YAY to edits being done!

  28. P.S. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!


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