Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: B

My theme for A-Z is What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV aka Justifying my TV Habit.

This post would be quicker if I wrote what I did NOT learn about writing from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For the purposes of not writing a dissertation (!) let’s talk about how experimental Buffy was. The all musical episode “Once More, with Feeling”. The episode where they lose their voices “Hush” (there’s only 17 minutes of dialogue in a 44 minute TV Show. Imagine pitching that ep). The dreamlike “Restless”.

This teaches me that it’s okay to take risks. To push the boat out. To try something new. But you have to be confident in your writing and your characters first. The episodes I have quoted are not season one eps, let’s note. But don’t be afraid to try.

Buffy would.

(And now I must watch Buffy. Because it is AWESOME).

Quote: Professor Walsh: "So this is what it is. Talking about communication. Talking about language. Not the same thing. It's about inspiration. Not the idea, but the moment before the idea, when it's total. When it blossoms in your mind and connects to everything. It's about the thoughts and experiences that we don't have a word for."

I could have gone for: Bones. Black Mirror. Big Bang Theory. Blossom! I’ll stop there.


  1. Great theme Vik! I think I could write a dissertation on Buffy too - I loved that show! Your choice was inspired though. I think it really highlights why taking risks is important, and that it can work and sometimes create something wonderful. :D

  2. Great theme Viki. I didn't particularly care for this series. Now Bones has me.

  3. I wish blogger had a like button - I like - but have used up almost all of my words for today

  4. I loved the no voice episode!

  5. Perfect choice, and great favorite episodes. I love Buffy, but some just stick out in the mind, and you picked pretty much my top three.


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  6. Buffy! I fell in love with it from the very start--the movie!!

  7. I've seen the first three seasons of Buffy, and I quite understand why so many are passionate about it. It really did set the template for a lot of TV that came after. Indeed, Russell T. Davies based the pacing, look, and format of the new series of Doctor Who on Buffy. If you've ever wondered why Doctor Who is about 45 mins long, for example, that's why!

  8. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's still one of my favourite shows, and I love those episodes. :)

  9. 'Hush' is one of my favorite TV episodes ever for that very reason. I love the ending of the episode when Buffy and Riley have their voices back, but have nothing to say to each other. The silence spoke volumes...

  10. Writing from the viewpoint of a child in my third book was a big risk for me.

  11. Love your theme!
    I only saw some episodes of Buffy but I did like it. I would like to watch the whole thing actually. Taking risks is a tough one, either our insecurities hold us back or we are delusional and jump into it while not being ready... by "we" I mean "me" lol On the other hand, its the only way we truly learn ;)

  12. I worship Joss Whedon. I am a hard-core Whedonite. And the only thing that rivals Buffy is Firefly.

  13. Hush is such a great episode. I've seen it maybe 10 times and it does not get old. Buffy is a great show to dissect for writing, not just the dialogue but characters too.

    What a fun A to Z Challenge theme! I like it. Here's mine for today: A Girl and her Diary

  14. I have a confession to make: I've never actually seen Buffy. I've heard such great things though--I guess I should add it to my queue!

  15. Clare - I LOVED Buffy and definitely think sometimes risk taking can really pay off!

    J.L. Murphey - Bones is good too, I nearly went for that ;)

    Ida Chiavaro - thank you. I agree LIKE would be good!

    Regina Gort - it is SUCH a good episode

    Allyson - I am glad I picked the top three for you ;) Buffy is SUCH a clever show.

    randi - AH THE MOVIE! With Luke Perry in! Love it!

    Colin Smith - so interesting that the modern Dr Who is 45 mins because of Buffy I did not know that! It's a v. inspiring show!

    Laura- glad I picked good eps! I love it too.

    Nickie - ah that's a great moment! :)

    Alex - sounds like an interesting risk!

    S.K. Anthony - I would definitely rec watching Buffy!

    Beverly Fox - Firefly is AWESOME! Not enough of them.

    Stephsco - thank you glad you like my theme! :) Hush is SUCH a good episode.

    Lara - ah I would definitely rec it! :)

  16. Love the quote from the professor, and I am so jealous that you have seen Beckett's work in the theatre. I must broaden my horizons beyond community theatre. (smile)

  17. Used to watch Buffy a lot but I've not seen the eps you mention! Taking risks may fail, but they may be amazing. It's better than doing the same old thing.

  18. I liked the musical episode :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  19. Joss Whedon, I tell you what! Nothing beats Firefly, and the recent movie scripts he's penned? GOLD. Never really got into Buffy, but we'll blame that on my aversion to TV. (In favor of books. --Goodness, did I really just claim that? *shudders* I must be a boring old person.)

  20. Departing from comfort zones is taking a risk but how else can you move forward and grow if you don't take a chance and do something different?

    Life is all about change and you really do get left behind if you can't make the adjustment. There is always going to be something to challenge where we are that will either move us forward or leave us behind.

    I have watched a few episodes of Buffy; never really aquired a taste for the show.

    Great B post Tara! Great work!

  21. I watched Buffy when Angel appeared. I was a big fan of the Big Bang Theory, though. Wise words of Professor Walsh! :D

  22. So far I haven't watched either of the tv shows you've blogged about. :-) But they're interesting nevertheless and I'm looking forward to reading more!

  23. To the risk takers! Buffy was a cool show.

  24. I LOVE your theme :)

    Cant wait for the next one!


  25. Nicole - indeed a classic!

    Vikki - cheers love

    Sheena-kay - indeed it was :)

    Ashlee - this month is just going to show how much TV I've watched!

    Al - ANGEL!!! Love him.

    Maryann - hope you get to see Beckett soon ;)

    Nick - risks might really pay off!

    Allison - LOVED That one!

    Crystal - Firefly IS awesome.

    Betty - exactly. We have to take that risk in order to grow. And pick ourselves up if it doesn't pay off.


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