Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: I: In Treatment

What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV: I

Why aren’t there more TV Shows beginning with I? I nearly tried to come up with 100 words on what I Dreamed of Jeannie taught me about writing only: I have only seen a few episodes of I Dreamed of Jeannie and wasn’t sure I could string out that knowledge enough for a whole post.

More TV Shows should start with the letter I. Just saying. Why aren’t there? Please comment with your TV Shows which begin with I.

In the meantime I’m going with “In Treatment” which is a TV show about a psychologist and his weekly sessions with patients. I only saw a few of these, but it struck me as structurally interesting. Characters visit him on a particular day of the week.

In a novel, we can mess around with structure. See what links our readers can make. Why not?

Quote: And then I say to myself: do I *really* know any of these people? Or are they all just one big *fiction* that I've constructed in my head, you know?


  1. Erm, 'I' is a tricky one. All I could come up with was 'In the Night Garden' or 'Ironside' neither of which are probably much use to you! I do remember watching the 'I Dream of Jeanie' though.

  2. My wife enjoys "In Plain Sight"--a show about US Marshals working for the witness protection program. An interesting premise--and one that got me thinking about a potential novel... :)

  3. I IS tricky. I've never watched In Treatment, but I have watched I Dream of Jeanie and Ironside. I love Independent Lens!!!

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  5. Love I Dream of Jeannie! I can't think of any other tv shows beginning with I. You know you'll remember a perfect one tomorrow!

  6. I can't think of other tv shows that begin with I... crazy! But I did love I Dream of Jeannie.

    In treatment sounds interesting, I never saw it lol
    Love the quote though!

  7. 'I Claudius' was good but would probably seem quite dated now, unless they changed it to 'iClaudius'. ;-)

    Just Ermie & Short Story Ideas

  8. I love Criminal Minds. I keep watching reruns.

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  9. Suzanne Furness- In the Night Garden! My nieces used to watch that all the time! :)

    Colin Smith -oooh how exciting a potential novel idea from it? I will look that 'I' show up, thanks!

    Teresa Coltrin - I is very difficult for TV Shows!! Glad you think so too ;) Good suggestions tho'!

    Angeline Trevena - ha ha so right, I'm already going ah IRONSIDE OF COURSE from people's suggestions!

    S.K. Anthony - it's so hard! No TV Shows beginning with I!

    Kirsten - oh that really entertained me! iClaudius ;)) Good one!

    Damyanti - I am not sure I've seen Criminal minds!

  10. TV shows that start with I? I saw I dreamed of Jeannie but most of the titles I remember are in Spanish. I don't think they will help you.

  11. I just googled it... iCarly, I'll Fly Away, The Insider, Intelligence...I personally don't know any of these, but I think my daughter has watched iCarly before. I still enjoy reruns of I Dream of Jeannie from time to time:)

  12. I watched the first season of In Treatment and really enjoyed it. It was such an interesting structure for a series, and the acting was fantastic. I got bored with it in the 2nd season but the first was just excellent I thought.

    I'm a total tv junkie so I really love your theme! :D

  13. Sheena-kay - I had real trouble with I!

    Al Diaz - ha ha no probably not! Thank you though!

    M. J. Joachim - ah thank you for googling!! All good suggestions.

    Julia - MORSE! Morse is a good one, I forgot him!

    Julie Flanders - hee thank you I am a tv junkie too as you can see!


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