Tuesday 30 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: Z (!)

Z! Everybody Z! I have spent a month blogging about TV, and what it has taught me about writing. 

Z is for: 

Zat’s all folks. 

It’s been fun. A month of blogging later and I have learned:

  • I watch a lot of TV.
  • I missed out a lot of well written TV Shows.
  • Following A-Z was constraining in some ways (I had a lot of shows I could do for S, not many for I) but helpful because of that very constraint.
  • I have picked up more than you’d think from watching TV.
  • I probably haven't included all of my own 'lessons' in my writing, but I will.

What TV Show did I miss that I absolutely should have featured? Are you disappointed Z isn’t about Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane? J

If you’ve read any of these: thank you. Thank you to all of the organisers and administrators and visitors to this blog and everybody for helping make it the fun it is.


  1. You did great with all of the shows you showcased. And I learned that there are a lot of shows I need to watch.

  2. As long as you had fun and learned something in the process, then that's what matters!

  3. I've enjoyed your theme and posts over the last month.

    I can't think of any Z shows (and I'd honestly forgotten about Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane), but there must have been a Zorro show at some point.

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge! It's been great reading about TV shows and writing tips ;)

  5. You had a fun theme! I am also happy to read about tv, I'm an addict. :)
    Congratulations on finishing!

  6. was great meeting you on the a-Z Challene - keep up the good work
    My fav TV show is Scandal

  7. we did it my friend! woo hoo! its over!
    now to write an iwsg post! then i'm taking a break. i'm exhausted!!

    great job & thanks for supporting me so much!!

  8. Dani - thank you, I had a lot of fun!

    Alex - I did! :)

    M.J. - Zorro! You are absolutely right. Thank you so much, it's nice to hear that, I am glad you have enjoyed.

    S.K. - bless you, thank you.

    Julie - thank you! and heh, me TOO

    sue - ah I LOVE Scandal!! Great to meet you.

    Tara - CONGRATS It's DONE!!! WOO!!

  9. Well, I learned about a lot of TV I have never experienced! And congrats on completing A to Z!!

  10. Congrats on making it all the way through!

  11. Congrats on finishing! :)

  12. Ink - thank you yay

    Connie - thanks. Woo!

    Regina - thanks

    Lara - :)


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