Wednesday 3 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: C

My theme for A-Z is What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV aka Justifying my TV Habit.
C is a trickier choice for me. I could have gone for Cheers (though Frasier would feel a better option for F). For Charmed (though what angle I’d particularly take I’m not sure.) Castle I don’t watch, though I keep meaning to as who does not love Nathan Fillion.

Instead I picked Chuck. For those of who you haven’t seen, Chuck was an action-comedy, spy-drama about a computer whizz who gets spy secrets embedded in his brain. Yes, they somehow sold that premise. It had warmth. The main character was adorable. I’ve picked it because I think it had a strong ensemble cast. From love interest Sarah to Casey, Morgan, even Captain Awesome. I enjoyed seeing them all.

This taught me to make your secondary characters interesting. Likeable. Make us want to read about all of them.

Quote: Chuck Bartowski is your mark. NSA director wants him with a pulse. Till we find out who he's working with and what he knows, he lives. The CIA skirt you can kill. 


  1. Nope, haven't heard of this one, but sounds interesting. Just the other day, my friend and I were talking about a movie and he mentioned how great it was to see secondary characters with tons of personality - how that can make or break a story.

  2. I haven't seen that one. Secondary characters are important to any novel. They are the foil. They boost your character. They expose your character. They are the cheerleader or stumbling blocks in your main character's life.

  3. I have never watched Chuck.
    Secondary characters are VERY impportant. When writing, the first people I develope are the supporting characters. I alrady know my main protag so building my community is the most important thing.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  4. I have never seen Chuck. Sometimes secondary characters are my favorite.

  5. It seems I'm joining the ranks of those who have never seen this show. Though I'm sure I've heard of it. Another one to check out, perhaps? :)

  6. I never did follow Chuck, but I did like Cheers!

  7. Second post I've seen on Chuck today. Now I definitely have to give it a watch. It sounds exactly like my kind of show.


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  8. I LOVE Chuck! And miss it dearly. I want a movie. *fingers crossed*

  9. Well, Castle is awesome but I also love Chuck!

  10. excellent choice - great show and the characters grew into the plot. Definitley character driven Now my brain isn't working but loved the little charaacter in the store - geoffreys side kick can't think of his name. I always wanted to see him in drag.

  11. I've never seen it though I know it has a very strong cult following.

    Castle, I have to say, is unimaginably awesome. Nathan Fillion is more adorable as Castle than he was as Mal (I know- who knew that was possible?) and the first seasons especially are so chock-full of writing references from famous authors that it's a crime to miss. Can't recommend it highly enough!

  12. I loved Chuck! Such a fun show...

    I can recommend Castle--it's pretty awesome :)

  13. YEAH CHUCK! High five for picking it too :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  14. Great choice! But I must thank you for mentioning one you did not use. Castle. "Hm..." I thought. "So who is Nathan Fillion?" (I'm across the pond, you see...) and I did a Google search. I am now sitting down and fanning myself. :) Blog on!

  15. Oh, great choice! I loved Casey! I watched that show right up until the point Chuck got this super ability to suddenly learn combat moves. That's when it got just a little *too* cheesy for my tastes.

  16. Didn't really watch Chuck but I heard good things.

  17. Great theme! I LOVE TV...last year my theme was Female TV characters from A to much fun! But I've never seen Chuck! So glad I found you. I'll be checking in again for sure.

  18. aww, we used to watch chuck, but nathan fillion vs adam baldwin? mal trumps jane any day.

  19. Sorry for the delay in replying folks, had a mad couple of days. Looking forward to a good A-Z catch up ;)

    T. Drecker - Chuck is lots of fun. Completely agree secondary characters can make a movie!

    J.L. Murphey - cheerleader or stumbling block is a great way of putting it!

    Dani - how interesting that they are the first people you develop!

    Regina - yes that's true I can fall in love with the secondary person!

    Colin - I would rec it ;)

    Julie - Cheers was lots of fun!

    Allyson - I would rec it ;)

    prerna - I would kickstart a CHUCK movie for SURE!

    Nicole - I might have to try Castle! :)

    sue - ah yes I liked him! ;)

    Beverly - it was fun. I may have to watch Castle! I can't believe Nathan could BE more adorable!

    Lara - I may have to watch Castle!

    Allison- *HIGH FIVES YOU*

    Diana - Nathan Fillion is HOTNESS! Which side of the pond are you? I am UK ;)

    Emily - Casey was so good!!!

    Sheena-kay - it was fun! :)

    Luana - thank you, do visit again ;)

    valerierlawson - Love me Nathan Fillion ;)


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