Thursday 11 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: J: Joan of Arcadia

What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV aka Justifying my TV Habit.

Ah how I wish I’d watched Jericho or Justified which I hear are very good. They’re on my list.

In the meantime I did have a soft spot for Joan of Arcadia. Joan is a teenager who believes she is talking with God. Each week God gives her tasks to do which often seem trivial or a bit crazy but do end up working out okay and helping improve somebody's life. 

It was one of those shows with heart. I cared about Joan. I felt the overall message was positive. Whatever your religious beliefs, and whether you have any or not, it was enjoyable to follow and the positive improvements were the kind you can’t find fault with.

 I guess that’s my takeaway from Joan: Heart. Give your writing heart and humanity and that will count for a lot.

Quote: Joan: You are not real! 
God: So people keep telling me. 


  1. I agree with heart! Writing from the heart is the best way to connect to readers. If you give they will return and give back.

  2. Never heard of that one. sounds interesting

  3. Regina - absolutely ;)

    Sassy - it was!

  4. I agree, that's a show that never got a fair chance! :)

  5. I loved this show SO much! I still imagine God popping up in random people I see on the street and wonder what they'd say if they had a divine voice, I thought that was so creative. And I feel like the show was really brave in tackling relatively hard-core human suffering and refusing to give easy anzwers for any of it.

    But, I must say, Adam broke my heart and I will never, ever forgive him.

  6. Beverly - yes agreed, I thought it was very creative and didn't take the easy way out at all. It was a brave show. It's a shame that it didn't get to continue and certainly Adam's character seemed to change in season 2. But ahh I did enjoy it!


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