Friday 5 April 2013

A-Z Challenge: E + Celebrate the Small Things

Two aim's with today's post: my latest contribution to the A-Z Challenge + Celebrate the Small Things for this week!

A-Z Challenge: E

My theme for A-Z is What I Learned About Writing from Watching TV.

E was a difficult letter for me. I couldn’t think of many TV Shows beginning with E which I watch.

But Eureka, I did enjoy. This show is about a town full of scientific geniuses. The set up is that the town has been response for most scientific and technological breakthroughs since its inception.

We see this through the eyes of the sheriff, Jack Carter. He isn’t a scientific genius, and it’s up to him each week to help week the problem caused by an accidental or intentional misuse of some new technology or breakthrough.

For me this a) shows the fun in being quirky, and how introducing an offbeat element can add fun to your writing and b) the importance of who the main character is. Jack is an every guy. He is NOT a scientific genius. If we saw the show through the eyes of a scientific genius, it would feel very different. We would expect them to be less shocked by events, to understand immediately the scientific consequences of what’s happening. Jack is like us, the viewer, and he gives us a view into what’s happening which we can share.

Quote: “Let's not shoot the crazy end-of-the-world machine just yet.”

I could have done: Early Edition! Because who doesn’t like cats who bring tomorrow’s newspaper?

Celebrate the Small Things: 5 April

The aim of Celebrate the Small Things is simple: each Friday we post in our blogs something we are celebrating this week! It could be clearing out a cupboard or finishing a chapter of our book. Whatever you like. Full instructions here, but in short: sign up on the linky, post something to celebrate, and hop around people's blogs.

This week I am celebrating reaching E in the A-Z Challenge! I am really enjoying it so far!

How about you, what are you celebrating this week?

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  1. Eureka - I haven't watched that one before

  2. I haven't seen Eureka, but I do think that showing a TV show like this through the eyes of a normal, every guy, rather than the scientific geniuses is a great idea. It makes the show identifiable and relatable.

    congrats on your achievements so this week, and getting to the end of the first week on the A-Z! :D

  3. I have only watched a few Eureka shows.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  4. I'm enjoying the A-Z challenge, but it's getting frustrating when I comment on people and they don't bother to reply. But I'm going to carry on posting because I have received some positive feedback which is great.

    Did you ever watch Eerie Indiana? That was one of my favourite programmes when I was younger. I got the DVD boxset for Christmas last year!

  5. Happy Friday! Enjoying all the challenges and blog hops I'm participating in. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate the small things. I look forward to every Friday!

  6. Eureka was an awesome show! Hated when it ended.
    I'll try to remember Celebrating next week, Vik. Just so focused on the Challenge right now.

  7. I didn't see Eureka but it sounds pretty cool. Yay for keeping up with the AtoZ challenge ;)

  8. I love Eureka! Such a fun show and it's a shame that it's done now. I'm behind by about a season and half, so this just reminds me that I need to get caught up! ;)

  9. Hi Vikki .. I haven't seen Eureka ... but I expect a version will reach the UK ... glad you're enjoying the A-Z .. cheers Hilary

  10. I believe we did see that show - but I have such an awful memory. You and I seem on the same wave length when it comes to TV (an underrated entertainmnet)

  11. I haven't seen Eureka but sounds interesting.

  12. Happy Friday! Have not heard of Eureka. Glad you're having fun with the A to Z hop. I'm planning to do an A to Z of movies at some point. ;)

  13. Baygirl - ah it's fun!

    Clare - it worked really well! Definitely helped make it relate-able.

    Dani - I can't say I saw every one but I saw quite a few and enjoyed

    Rebeccah - I am glad you are receiving positive feedback and OMG Eerie Indiana! I LOVED that show. i can't believe you have the boxset.

    Ink in the Book - thank you for joining in!

    Alex - it was great and no worries on the Celebrations, April is v. v. busy!

    S.K. - yay to being at E

    Jaime - it is SO fun. You should catch up!

    Hilary - I am, thank you ;)

    sue - hurrah to being on the same TV Wavelength;)

    Regina -it was fun!

    Jen - A to Z of movies would be great!

  14. That does sound like a good show! Hubby and I need to find another series to watch together, and this could be a prospect. It's always better shown thru the average guys eyes for the benefit of the audience.

  15. Reaching E is a huge achievement. Good for you!

  16. Eureka was a fun show. I was sorry they ended it. Happy E to you :)

  17. I never got into Eureka, but my wife and son LOVED it! :)

  18. I'm not familiar with Eureka, but I know how films and TV can fuel the flames. I'm doing a Les Misérables theme for the Challenge. Happy A to Z...enjoy!


  19. I've seen previews for Eureka, but never watched it. Now I have another show to add to my queue... :)

  20. Only managed to catch bits and pieces of Eureka but I'll be checking it out now for sure!

  21. I am discovering all sorts of wonderful geeky things about you this A-Z! Like how awesomely similar our TV tastes are. Eureka's one of my favourites :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  22. Pk Hrezo - ooh I would recommend you give it a go, try the pilot and see how you like it! Let me know if you do watch it.

    Al Diaz - thank you OMG only 21 letters to go!

    M Pax - it was fun, I miss it too!

    DL Hammons - ah I loved it too!

    Jarm Del Boccio - ooh sounds interesting!

    Lara - hee add it to the list!

    J Keith - ooh do!! Let me know if yo do!

    Allison - we are TV TWINS!!!!

  23. I'm so behind, but I'm catching up...yes, being part of both of these amazing blog hops is a blast. I've seen a couple episodes of Eureka on netflix. It's pretty good.


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